EPIC RANT! Two Italian Goombas OBLITERATE Hollywood Leftists

These two Italian goombas were having none of it. To hell with political correctness, as they went after Hollyweird with a vengeance.

None of the Hollywood snowflakes were off limits as these two neighborhood Goombas began their rant with anti-Trump Shia Leboeuf.

Next, they attacked Chelsea Handler, calling her what she is…a dirty drunken whore.

They went after Madonna, calling her what she is as well, a whore.

Whores are not just women who sell themselves for money, but people who sell out their principals. That’s why Hollywood is full of whores.

I love that these guys left nothing off limits. They criticized blacks, women, and anybody else who dare talk trash about America’s new president. These two did what most of America remains afraid to do.

Moreover, how many of these very same Leftist sellouts really want to talk trash about their miserable messiah, America’s worse president Barack Obama?

To have supported this guy initially should have a person seeking professional help. However in the aftermath of Obama’s destruction, if you are still defending him, then you’re a WHORE!



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