Surprise: Japan Opens Door to Refugees, Women Already Victimized

Leftist pressure coerced Japan into allowing 27 Muslim Refugees into their country. Two of them have already gang raped, assaulted, and robbed a female citizen.

marchers-japanOnder Pinarbasi, 22, and his 16-year-old male friend forced an intoxicated woman into a public restroom near JR Akabane Station in Japan. There, they brutally assaulted her and stole her belongings.

Now, where are the vagina marchers? Show me the outrage for these unsuspecting, peaceful Japanese women. Have the vagina activists painted their posters and bought their airline tickets? These women are in danger!

Let’s Do the Math.

If only 2 of the 27 refugees have committed brutal crimes, that would mean approximately 7.4% of these refugees are actually terrorists. Can that small percentage really cause great harm? Let’s put the numbers in perspective.

Germany accepted around 1 million refugees in 2015. That means that, at a rate of 7.4 percent, 74,000 would rape and assault citizens at some point. Germany is expecting the arrival of 3.6 million refugees by the year 2020, which equates to 226,400 potential rapists being introduced to unsuspecting communities. 

Why are they so dangerous?

These refugees aren’t running into Western civilization and adapting to new ideas. Nope! Their misogynistic brutality is deeply ingrained. Women and children will continue to be targets of their rage.

In addition to being physically hazardous, they also conceal their presence in unsuspecting neighborhoods. Here in the U.S. terrorists disguised as refugees have managed to hide out, living in government housing and collecting welfare. Meanwhile, Japan has even more stringent vetting processes. They thought they could avoid letting in rapists. Apparently refugee-turned-terrorist is a global initiative.

According to the Al Jazeera, Japan rejected 99 percent of refugees in 2015, but caved in to pressure and recently accepted 27 Muslim asylum seekers. Out of over 7,500 applications, they approved only a few. However, their rigorous screening, which puts the West’s speedy methods to shame, still wasn’t enough to protect their citizens.

Back to Pinarbasi

Onder Pinarbasi
Onder Pinarbasi

Pinarbasi is charged with rape and robbery. Of course it’s not his fault. The teenager forced him into terrorism. Meanwhile, the 16-year-old admitted to stealing $80 from the woman, but swears, “I did not force myself upon her.” However police made the arrest after the pair were caught in the act of assaulting the woman. If they will lie when caught red-handed, it’s no wonder they lied on their application to become refugees.

Pinarbasi told the Immigration Bureau of Japan he could never return to Turkey because of “problems that exist between relatives.” I guess he couldn’t move in with his Uncle Mohammed, as he was busy planning his suicide bombing mission.

After seeing immediate returns on their acts of kindness, Japan should revisit their closed border policy. Better to piss off the Left as a fortress against Islamic migration than to break out the rape kit for your mother and daughter.

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