Josh Earnest Overshoots Job Creation by 200,000

The Obama administration lies about all economic numbers. And if it weren’t for creative accounting, Obama would have been run out of DC by his Leftist zombies.

Until Obama and his minions leave, who knows where the numbers will end up. All we know is the reported numbers will be stellar, since the Obama administration makes them up as they go along. The economic result, however will be miserable.

Obama says he’s created millions of jobs, as more people languish at home, tired of looking. Thus, in this latest White House presser, Josh Earnest is grilled over the manufacturing jobs numbers reported by them.

FOX: “You were talking about the president, and the economy having created 900,000 manufacturing jobs…can you help me square the difference, I think we came up around 807.”

Earnest: “Yeah, I think what I said was near 900,000, I did overshoot the mark just a little bit, I was just working off of memory. I didn’t have the numbers in front of me.”

Josh Earnest rounded up when giving statistics about manufacturing jobs. Way up!

I understand. As I explained earlier, when you make up numbers, why bother to add them up, when you can round them up.

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