Leftist New Year’s Meltdowns

New Year’s 2017 brought quite a few leftist meltdowns. The A-List celebrities boycotting Donald Trump might want to up their game.

We begin with Leftist New Year’s Meltdown #1:

Here is Mariah “fake sing” Carey on New Year’s, doing what most of these people do: putting on a fake show.

That is what you call a “meltdown.” Carey had NO idea what to say or do. And like the “fake news” Left, her fans don’t care.

So much for the A-List.

Leftist New Year’s meltdown #2 came from political hack Joy Reid.

Reid writes in The Daily Beast that President-elect Trump feels the snub of the A-Listers.

Republicans are putting on their “smug faces” and scoffing at the raft of celebrity performers, Rockettes and now even a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, who are refusing to raise their microphones, kick up their bare-legged heels or otherwise perform for Donald Trump at his inaugural.

Bristol Palin, despite her own tenuous grasp on celebrity status, took to her blog to snipe at the refuseniks as ”sissies”.

But make no mistake, this disdain drips with envy (and Bristol would be snapping selfies with those A-listers in a heartbeat if they’d have her.) Republicans and conservatives know full well that denying Trump the celebrity and cultural imprimatur he so desperately craves matters, and not just because of the awkward headlines after each new rejection.

More of that creative Leftist narrative. Let’s convince the world that a man worth billions, with a trophy wife, who was just elected president of the United State against all odds cares that so-called “A-List” celebs won’t hang with him.

To paraphrase an A-Lister: Trump’s got 99 problems and this ain’t one.

The Left so want to believe they matter. How could Republicans possibly survive without the A-list celebrities playing at our events?

Oh, I don’t know, perhaps like we’ve always survived; by ignoring the rants of the self-centered prima donnas. God forbid we don’t get to rub elbows with Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, and other useless relics of Leftist America. We just pine away with family and friends, enjoying regular get-togethers, children’s sporting events, and the occasional dinner party. Somehow we Conservatives tend to find joy in the ordinary things in life.

I know; how pedestrian.

Joy Reid on the other hands gets to hang with the stars! People who make her feel better about herself. The stars give Reid affirmation that she matters. Does she?

Leftist New Year’s Meltdown #3 came from Don Lemon of CNN. What had this guy had to drink prior to broadcast?

What was Lemon thinking? Having been around Lemon quite a few times, I can attest that he wants to be taken seriously. Well played…NOT.

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