Leftist Pansies Inauguration Protests Won’t Scare Trump Supporters

Everywhere I turn, people warned Conservatives attending the inauguration.

inauguration protests 1They portended that Leftists will create havoc in order to disrupt the festivities, and hopefully claim a few Conservatives in the melee that might follow.

I’m in DC now, and last night a few of these paid terrorists tried to disrupt an event being held at the National Press Club. They ended up getting tear-gassed, and outside of a bit of loud noise nothing significant happened.

We were warned about the Republican convention in Cleveland, as well. Many people confided to me that they weren’t going for fear of the Left.

Cleveland was so quiet, you could hear mice pissing on cotton. Minor disruptions here and there, but nothing in comparison to what people foretold.

Perhaps in the old days, Leftists might have followed through.

Remember Chicago? When Trump was gaining traction, the reality hit somebody in the elitist apparachik that Trump might very well win the nomination. Paid Leftist goons attacked Trump supporters, but the media reported it otherwise.

WikiLeaks proved that these were staged events financed by the Democrats, leaving the media to attempt to set a new narrative.

Chicago was the last hoorah for Leftists and their goonish tactics, however.

Cleveland proved that when the Right pushes back, the Left run like the scared dogs they are. Which is why nothing, repeat nothing has happened or will happen in DC.

The world has been placed on notice that the new sheriff won’t tolerate this nonsense. And neither will we.

I said to a driver who took me to the Fox studio that I’d like the police to turn their backs on the 150 or so protesters last night, and let us kick the crap out of them. He laughed at the idea, knowing that would teach those snowflakes a lesson.

inauguration protests 2The best thing I’ve noticed about DC is the amount of Trump gear being openly worn. In a city chocked full of butt-hurt Leftists, Trump supporters proudly wear their hearts on their sleeves. Finally, Americans don’t secretly support President Trump, but do so openly.

There exists another reason the Left will avoid any confrontation besides the fact that they will get their asses handed to them by the Right. And that is, at some point in their sad and pathetic lives, Leftists must learn civility.

The screen has been pulled back on the Left. She’s not the super model that her online profile presents. Instead, we find a jelly-donut-gorging morbid obese man whose real name IS Peggy.

The jig is up Leftists. No longer will your threats of violence scare Conservatives away.

We have enough warriors to kick their asses every day and twice on Sundays. Don’t worry, Bible-thumpers, God allows that task on the Sabbath.

DC got the message loud and clear. Conservatives are now in charge!

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