Meet the Leftist Wench Who Insulted Melania Trump

Leave it to Leftists to show you the cruelty of their cult. Leftism twists upon itself so badly, it screws itself in the end.

Nobody sane would dare be part of such a perverse group; where the rules are, “There are no rules!”

Leftism attracts the most vile of mankind, which brings me to Chelsea Handler.

Handler is the celebrity you may not have heard of, that’s if you’re lucky. For those who have, you know the woman (if that’s how she hails) is a wreck.

The B-list Hollyweirdo (I’m being generous) pretends to be a comedienne and talk show host. She’s tragedy on two legs with a very well-worn patch in the middle.

I love how the New York Daily New “gossip” section put her story:

chelsea-handler-drunk-skankShe’s 40, single and loving it.

Chelsea Handler appeared on Monday’s “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and said she doesn’t want audiences to feel down about her love life.

“When you turn 40, people start to feel sad for you,” she told the host.

“I mean no one’s celebrating the fact that I’m single and celebrating my life. Hashtag great time,” she added, admitting she’s still new to understanding her social media reference.

There’s a reason Chelsea Handler is single, and not single in “not married.” Single as in “nobody fricking anywhere even wants to DATE her!” single. Handler is single, because she’s a bitch.

Correction: first-class bitch.

Handler participated in the Women’s March in Park City, Utah over the weekend. She was interviewed during the march, and announced that she would never interview Melania Trump.

Handler was interviewed by Variety‘s Elizabeth Wagmeister, who asked her if she would ever interview Melania.

“Melania? To talk about what? She can barely speak English,” Handler said.

So Handler who speaks “Drunk,” a dialect of Hollyweird English doesn’t want to interview a woman who speaks Slovenian, Hungarian, English, and Italian?

melania-trump-blue-dress-2Because Melania has an accent?

Don’t you love when these veritable nobodies decide what they won’t do, as if they would have ever gotten the opportunity?

For the record, I would NEVER date Salma Hayek! Not in a MILLION YEARS! But I would have her babies…if she asked nicely!

Back to Handler

You can tell from the clip that Handler drowns her reality, as in her life in alcohol. In the video you can hear the people around her finding “humor” in her nonsense, reflective job-saving laughs to give Handler a false sense of being. They know the real truth about her.

The interviewer, Wagmeister asked Handler what she thought of Melania as the First Lady.
“Exactly what I think about him as the First Man. Nothing. I don’t respect either one of those people,” Handler replied.

Do a bit of research on Chelsea “Everbody’s” Handler, and you will discover why she’s a raving alcoholic, and desperately unhappy.

Melania Trump has far too much class to be seen with a bitch like Handler. It’s not insulting enough to call Handler low-life trash.

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