Leftist Women FAKES Didn’t March Against These BARBARIANS (video)

Admit it. There is a part of all of us Conservatives who wish Leftist “VaginaHead” woman got what they wanted.

1,000,000 women marched on Washington DC in protect of President Trump. Not a single one of them marched against these swine.

In this very graphic video, you don’t need to know what these Barbarians are saying. All you know is the outcome is clear. This woman will die for no reason other than Islamic men have deemed it necessary.

Who knows what this woman did to be executed in the streets?


Watch as “men” come to see what’s going on. You will also see other men walking by, going about their merry way, as they don’t bother to interfere with the inevitable.

Think anybody will go to jail for this public execution? And you thought the “hood” was bad in America. Leftists haven’t seen anything, until they see a public execution, and people meander by. I’m surprised there wasn’t a happy couple picnicking in the background, serenaded by James Taylor.

Look at the so-called men who stood around as this woman was paraded around in public, until her executioner put a bullet in her head.

Sadly, this Muslim woman is better off with God, than being alive with these savages.

Obama-Says-Media-‘Overstates’-Terror-Threat-2Again, what was her crime? Did she not give her husband young warriors? Did she not abide by whatever backwards Third World Sharia Law that some Muslim pig made up. Was she raped and brought shame to her husband?

This is the culture that Leftists import into this country. They claim Islam to be the religion of peace, when tragedy after tragedy befalls those are not strict adherents.

As for this Muslim woman, don’t think she is an anomaly. She is the norm. Executions like that play out all over the world. And when women are not executed, fates worse than death await them at the hands of their captors.

Yet over a million women marched against the man who has proclaimed that we must take a serious look at the people who practice this barbarism.

Are all Muslim men bad, of course not. But what do the “moderates” do?

Ask yourself if ANYWHERE in the world Christians would allow such behavior.

Then ask yourself why Leftist NEVER protest the behaviors of these sick animals.

Again, I say if the 1,000,000 women who marched against President Trump had any morals, why don’t they march where that woman was executed? If they do that, then I will believe in their cause.

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