Leftists Created Inauguration Day Safe Spaces

The time for Millennial snowflakes and other Leftist pansies to grow up has come. And most Americans believe this is long past due.

safe-space-georgetownYet, we find that Leftists created inauguration day safe spaces.

The College Fix reported that Ohio State University gave provided safe spaces for students on inauguration day.

Ohio State University will offer a “safe space” for students today as the nation inaugurates Republican Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

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“The purpose of this event is to foster a safe space for the Ohio State campus community to connect with one another, support aspirations, and empower growth and change,” organizers state.

The “I, too, am America” event is set for 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will include three concurrent offerings from noon to 3 p.m.: a screening of the inauguration festivities in one room; another room set aside to “pause, reflect and share”; and a third swath of rooms for teach-ins by grad students, faculty and staff.

What absolute nonsense. Leftists would turn the country over to this element of society?

And what will these little pansies do after 5 p.m.? They might go to Fantom Comics.

Last week, Fantom Comics in Washington, DC announced via Facebook that they would open their doors as a safe space and rest area for those protesting the Inauguration of President-Elect Trump on Friday, or marching in the Women’s March the following day. From their Facebook event page:

We know inauguration weekend will be physically and emotionally taxing on all of us. For anyone seeking shelter, solidarity, or just a drink of water, Fantom Comics will be a safe space and rest area for all during Inauguration Day on Friday and the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday (and all the other protests, we know the Women’s March is only one of many).”

The store, which hosts book clubs (January 26 features Black Panther #10) and geeky Cocktail mixers in addition to more traditional events and signings, is accepting donations of water and snacks to help with the effort. It’s part of Fantom Comic’s larger mission to be more than just a great comic book store; they hope to also be a “positive community space.”

I can’t think of a better location for this pure act of comedy.

Trump’s America will be markedly more safe than Obama’s America. Let’s look at the ways.

First, the First Amendment will actually apply. People will no longer fear speaking their minds.

I mentioned in another musing, that walking through DC the days leading to President Trump’s inauguration, I saw many Trump hats and shirts. Finally Trump supporters found the guts to come out.

Next, America will no longer worry about terror. Will we still have attacks? Is an Imam, Muslim? Of course we will. But instead of blaming America for that, we will find the terrorists, and we will root them out.

Finally, we no longer have to fear the future. 

Trump made it clear that America First is our mantra. That means we can expect even more jobs to come back. Moreover, America can invest in creating new industries, new innovations.

The original safe space has been renewed. It’s called America.




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