Legacy of Leftism: Female Thugs Attack Disabled Woman

Meet the Leftist generation of black.

But don’t give Obama all the credit for these heartless thugs. They are a result of Leftism.


Who knows what these women argued about to begin with. What we do know is the girl with one arm was already at a disadvantage.

If you can’t keep your left up, you’re going to get hit with a right.

The one-armed ultimate victim put on a brave front. The image of her appearing defiant reminded me of nature films I’ve watched.

The wounded animal finds itself surrounded by a pack of hyenas. The situation is hopeless for the prey. The pack of wild ravenous merely wait on the animal to tire or show any sign of weakness. Either one of those signs, and the pack pounces.

Back to the one-armed girl

Ultimately, nature played out in human form. The three girls essentially targeted the one-armed girl; the weak one in the pack. They wait, as they girl puts up a front. She finally tires.

When she weakly strikes out, the pack realizes their time has come. One of the girls initiates the attack. The other two quickly join in.

The one-armed girl falls down, however the fury of the attackers doesn’t end. They attempt to step on her head. Punches and feet rain down on her. The one-armed has now officially become a victim.

What’s even more shocking is the number of people standing around, and of course our black male narrator. Far be it for him to step in and mediate. Or God-forbid actually explain to these young women that there is no honor in beating the defenseless.

Humans are the only animals who defend the defenseless. That’s what makes us human, ergo humane. However humanity has lost its way. What could these girls have possibly gained by beating a relatively defenseless girl?

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