Libs Hire FAKE RACIST Trump Supporter to Test “The Trump Effect”

When the Left can find what they want, they create it with fake news. Remember how obsessed the Leftist media was with finding the infamous Tea Party racists?

They actually got so desperate they began planting racist, paying people to show up to Tea Party rallies, then “finding” the racists to interview. Every one of them was debunked.

Well recently in Canada, in order to promote the “Trump is racist” narrative from Leftist American media, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Marketplace show decided to hire an actor, Mike, to play a racist Trump supporter.

In the “fake news” narrative, Mike was hired to sell “White Power” and “Make Canada Great Again” tee shirts. The idea behind this expose was revealed around 1:30 in the video.

“We want to know if the Trump effect has come to Canada.”


At the 0:40 mark, we meet Mike:

NARRATOR: Meet mike. He’s an actor about to play the most uncomfortable role of his career.

The fake news actor then described the role he is about to play:

MIKE: Let me get into character. I’ll say “make Canada great again. Worldwide white power.” Things like that. Strong words. Words that I never expect to come out of my mouth but it is a role.

Canadian commentator Ezra Levant of The Rebel goes into detail on the scam perpetrated by this CBC show:

Tonight I’m talking about a recent segment on CBC’s show Marketplace, about a guy selling “white power” t-shirts on a Toronto street.

Except it wasn’t real.

The CBC paid an actor, using your tax dollars, to sell racist shirts (that you also paid for).

Marketplace used to uncover scams in business, like unscrupulous contractors, and bring them to justice. Now Marketplace is the one perpetrating scams.


I won’t bother to ask if you see the irony.

Around the 4:52 mark, Mike starts selling his shirts. He actually has to entice the guys to buy shirts, which has more to do with his sales (acting) ability, than it does in saying Trump is exporting racism to Canada.

The irony of all of this is how this supposedly hard-hitting show proved nothing. It was scientific in no way, unless uncovering a disgruntled white guy in Canada is something real. Do that in CHINA, and perhaps I would say they proved something.


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