“Marsha, Marsha, Russia”

Marsha, Marsha, Russia!
Joe Merica

The petulant Democratic party sounds like the 70’s sitcom Brady Bunch sister Jan, yelling “Marsha, Marsha Marsha!” as they whine, cry and run down the streets flayling their arms and screaming “Russia, Russia, Russia!”.

Now they want you to believe that the Trump administration cannot be legitimate because Russia intervened with the election. They claim that for that reason, 1/3 of the Democratic congress stages a “RESIST” movement and refuses to show up for the sacred American Presidential inauguration and transition of power.

And why would they behave like this? First, it is important to understand the “Democratic Party” is a misnomer. There is no longer a Democratic Party. That group has been infiltrated, overthrown and taken over by an ideology that I refer to as the “Euro-Socialist Marxist Regime”. The purpose of this Totalitarian ideology is to infiltrate the American political system, attack and destroy the American Culture, emasculate the Constitution, destroy Capitalism, dilute the English language, degrade and eliminate the Christian values and indoctrinate the white majority to believe that they are privileged racists.

The Euro-Socialist Marxist disguised as Democrats are the enemy of Liberty. They were one election and one Supreme Court Justice away from inflicting the final blows on the planned destruction of America. Even with the power of Hollywood, the Music Industry, the Press, the Unions and unknown numbers of illegal votes, they failed in their planned coronation of Hillary Clinton.

And all because of one Donald J. Trump. A man from the citizenry, not the political machinery. A man owned by no Union, Political Party or Special Interests. A man that is not even an attorney! A man that represents and empedomizes the very essense of what was being eliminated from the American Political landscape.

And now Trump announces that he will investigate the election process to see what effects illegal voting has on our Nation and what do the Euro-Socialist Marxist’s scream now? “Oh no! Trump must be a racist to suggest such an investigation”.

So, Russian election intervention = no good BUT illegal immigrants voting = good?

These “Democrats” are now fully exposed for what they really are .

What group of people in our Country would be offended by the concept of putting America first in the protection of her borders, making American jobs a priority, making America energy independent, cutting taxes for Americans, incentivizing business to come back to America and hire American works?

Answer: The Euro-Socialist Marxist Regime. And folks, they will not be going away just because we finally have a President that is not from their ilk.

We citizens of America have been given a chance to save our Republic from the evil that is the Global Totalitarian ideology movement. A movement that has most of the planet and now controls the entire “Democratic Party”.

We now have a leader that loves our Patriotic ideals, culture, values and Country. We now have a leader that will be respected by our enemies and admired by our Military. But we citizens have a huge role to play. Our job should be to support our President. Not without critique and discernment, just as American Citizens. Our job is to understand what is happening in our government. Understand what is happening in our school systems. Understand the powers that threaten Liberty because those are the powers that despise the Trump Administration and all it stands for. Those are the powers that intend to do anything and everything they can to stop “we the people” from reclaiming this land and our American culture.

The “Democrats” are partially right about one thing: I believe this election was effected by an outside influence…but it wasn’t “Russia, Russia, Russia”…it was by the Grace of God Almighty himself.

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