Muslims and Leftists Desecrate U.S. Flag at Unhinged Women’s March (VIDEO)

In what was claimed to be a Women’s March on Washington, Muslims and Leftists desecrated the U.S. flag.

These feminists marchers were comprised of disgruntled anarchists and terrorists, repugnant to their evil cores. They marched alongside those who wish to subjugate them, then blame proud American men for their issues.

One such man to be blamed is none other than President Donald Trump.

Trump is an easy target. After all, Trump dared to criticized Muslims for proliferating radical Islam. Trump had become discouraged, as he witness ISIS raping women, and killing their children.

Then Trump seemed bothered by radical Muslim cutting off the heads of Christians in the name of Islam.

The Women’s March on Washington occurred to repudiate Trump’s barbaric policy of standing up for decency against Jews and Christians. That’s just not very politically correct for the man who, unfortunately for some “women” is now the Infidel-in-Chief.

The protests for “women’s rights” were organized by, well…a Muslim woman. Linda Sarsour is a pro-Sharia Law Islamist with ties to Hamas.

So who is Hamas? NPR offered an interesting debate on that subject. Below is an excerpt:

hamas-monitorPerhaps what is most striking about this debate is that there was virtually no disagreement on the facts. Three panelists argued that Hamas is a terrorist organization. Three others responded that Hamas now leads a legitimate, democratically elected government and is not a terrorist group.

But almost all agreed on the basic details: Hamas has targeted and killed many civilians, and Israel’s occupation has contributed to a violent political environment. In short, this was not a debate about facts; it was a debate about how to frame those facts.

The debate was part of a series called Intelligence Squared U.S., produced in New York by WNYC. The series is based on Intelligence Squared, which began in London in 2002.

Not one to simplify things too much, but if you target and kill civilians, then I consider such a group a terrorist organization. However as you can see, the Left tend to debate these things.

Back to the Women’s March flag

During the march the Islamists and Leftists wore U.S. flags shaped as Islamic veils. Why didn’t they just wear the ISIS flags and stop with the pretense.

Pansy-ass “men” wore them as well, proving that the eunuch population has risen to dangerous levels in America.

The protesters called desecration of Old Glory as a “beautiful expression of freedom.” However, the irony of this entire march is that under Sharia Law, the “beautiful expression of freedom” couldn’t take place.

I’m actually surprised that some of these women didn’t knit their “pussy hats” in the form of the flag. 


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