MUST WATCH: The Only Women’s March Video You Need To See

If you only watch one Women’s March video of the Vaginalogues, this is the one you must see.

The feminazis make weirdos look normal! What a ragtag group of misfits if there ever was one.

The Daily Caller and comedian Tim Young braved the Women’s March on Washington Saturday to figure out what the march was all about.

I don’t think they ever figured out what the march was about, as the women marching had no idea either.

The answers ranged from “Trump is a racist,” to “global climate change.” What a vagina hat has to do with either of these remains a mystery to me.

What may have been most striking was some of the “men” participating in this march. If I were a Leftist woman, these “men” would scare me. Not to put too fine a point on this, but would a Leftist know what a real man looks or acts like?

We dug up some old footage of Tim Young in his never-ending battle of racial equality, when he toured on Kevin Jackson’s Reparations Comedy Tour.

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