Trump Fans Cause Tweet Seizures

Here begins the tale of an unhinged Newsweek writer and his tweet seizures.

The video is included for background info or utter enjoyment – if you like bizarre astonishing hilarity.  Since this happened in the midst of the Christmas season, many may have missed it.

In a nutshell, Eichenwald can’t answer a yes or no question – Does he have actual proof to back up his claim that Trump suffered a breakdown in 1990 due to stress and was institutionalized? (Eichenwald claims he saw the REAL Trump medical records, BTW) He made a series of accusations on Twitter about Trump using “amphetamine derivatives.”

Guess what? The POTUS-Elect former billionaire playboy doesn’t even drink!

Eichenwald became so unhinged on The Tucker Carlson Show that Tucker went back and forth between laughter and concern for this “Newsweek Senior Writer.”

Here’s where it gets past LaLaLand to the outer limits of the Twilight Zone.

After Eichenwald went home from the Tucker interview, one must assume he was shamed and embarrassed. So how does today’s Liberal journalist take attention from a humiliating interview segment?

You go right home and tweet out no less than FORTY-SIX tweets about the incident:  A true Twitter rampage. When you are called out on it, you dance the typical snowflake two-step and delete most of them. Thank goodness for screenshots!

Tweet seizures

Apparently, after suffering much shame, Eichenwald deleted his own tweets.

But then the story gets really bizarre.

Eichenwald supposedly opens a Twitter message that caused him to have a seizure.

As it turns out, Eichenwald claims he is epileptic. And ironically, the message in question read, “You deserve a seizure.” He opened it anyway. As expected, there was a vibrating flashing GIF.

And if the story couldn’t get any funnier, the message is from a guy who goes by the Twitter handle, “jew_goldstein.”

Jew_goldstein has since had his Twitter account closed. Further, he is currently being sought by authorities. I’m guessing the charge will be “Tweet with attempt to cause seize?” A felony.

Twenty minutes after Eichenwald supposedly had his seizure, his wife took screenshots of the culprit GIF, and announced to @jew_goldstein:

“This is his wife, you caused a seizure. I have your information and have called the police to report the assault.”

One would think that “Fraulein” Eichenwald would have been driving her husband to the hospital, and not entering a Twitter war with a fake Jew. Yet there she was, capturing screen shots, and threatening a tweeter. BTW, she never called the hospital, just the police.

The website, a source for law students and new attorneys, offers this information on Twitter usage:

The Twitter service regularly shows pictures, auto-playing videos, and auto-playing animated GIFS in users newsfeed. It’s an inherent part of the service. Using Twitter is not an “inherently dangerous activity” by itself. But given that Eichenwald is an epileptic, it is possible to argue that it might be so in this narrow, specific instance:

  1. Twitter regularly displays flashing and strobing images that have the potential to trigger epilepsy,
  2. Eichenwald was aware that Twitter functioned in such a way (this was the 2nd instance),
  3. Eichenwald, an epileptic, disregarded this knowledge  and continued to use the service, as such
  4. it could be argued that Eichenwald was assuming the risk by continuing to use Twitter.

This is further compounded by the fact that Twitter has an option to disable the auto-playing of media in its settings. Given that Eichenwald has been a user of the Service since 2010 and has composed nearly 50k Tweets, it is likely arguable that he should have known to use this option to prevent flashing images from showing up in his newsfeed.

Nobody knows how this will play out, though we all know how it should play out.

That said, I can see it now: @jew_goldstein in court.

“But your honor, I didn’t know the tweet was loaded.”

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