Obama Declares Jihad on President-Elect Trump

On Jan 20, 2017 Barack Obama will return to the community organizing business. Instead of ruining Chicago, Obama will attempt to ruin America…for the second time.

chicago_ghettoObama’s new base of operation will stay the same as it did when he was president, except he will no longer be Leftist America’s “house Negro.” It’s back to the fields for Obama.

For those in DC excited about the prospect of Obama resuming his old “first real job,” I suggest they contact Chicago for a referral.

Nevertheless, Obama’s record in Chicago notwithstanding, playing president for 8 years has emboldened America’s most historical failure to do more. Therefore, he has vowed to remain in DC to take on the incoming president. Obama says he will protect his “legacy.”

In order to redefine failure as success, America’s first half-black, metrosexual, LGBT president continues his religious race war, and has declared jihad on the incoming Trump administration.

According to NBC,

But now, Obama’s chief achievements, such as his climate change policies and the Affordable Care Act, are in danger of being gutted by the Republican Congress, the Democratic Party is in disarray and much of the country — and the world — is uncertain what a Trump presidency will bring.

obama-baseball-throw-2Allow me to tweet on behalf of soon-to-be President Trump:

ObamaCare. Gone! Climate change extortion. Gone! Make America Great Again! – @POTUSDonaldTrump”

Back to the fight.

If you get images of Obama throwing a baseball, then you have already predicted the outcome of Obama’s run-ins-to-be with President Trump.

The article continues,

So Obama is beginning to telegraph a post-presidency different from George W. Bush, who largely receded from politics altogether after his eight years in office. Obama has said that he will press the Democratic Party to organize more effectively, from fielding strong candidates in school board and state legislative elections across the country to making sure the party’s candidates campaign in more conservative areas.

obama-workout-1Does anybody believe Obama will work harder NOT being president than he did as president? Negro please!

Obama wouldn’t recognize hard work, if it kicked him in his naughty bits. The man who said being president meant giving up one’s life as a sacrifice. No vacations, family life, and so on, surely did vacation a lot. And good luck with setting an extortion “charity” like The Clinton Foundation, under the watchful eye of Trump’s Justice Department, Princess.

The real irony is Obama’s belief that he just has to take his message to the grass roots. And what organization would that be? The Coffee Party? Occupy Wall Street? Black Lives Matter?

I can’t wait for Obama to fight with the Tea Party at the school board level. With his help, Conservatives will win back thousands of school board seats. The same is true for state legislators. Have the Democrats really looked at Obama’s success at this?

If Democrats had any sense, they would stop him. Oh wait…they did.

“I think that if Hillary Clinton had won the election, then I’d just turn over the keys,” Obama told the New Yorker recently. “We’d make sure the briefing books were in order and out we go. I think now I have some responsibility to at least offer my counsel to those who will continue to be elected officials about how the DNC can help rebuild, how state parties and progressive organizations can work together.”

Applicable words: If Hillary Clinton had won. She didn’t and Barry the Community Organizer-in-Chief knows why.

So, as long as these Leftist remain stubborn about their failed ideas and policies, the easier things will get for Republicans. And lucky for the Republicans, the new and improved version of the Tea Party will be there to lead the way.

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