Another One Bites the Dust: ObamaCare Illinois Gone

The costs of ObamaCare and the hoopla surrounding it reminds me of Christmas browsing with my kids last year.

ObamaCare RatesWe sauntered through a little antique store that contained beautifully decorated Christmas trees. A snobby woman behind the counter spotted my children, then shouted at me, “You break, you buy.”

At the time, I had I picked up an ornament from the tree. I noticed a crack already across the little snowmen, so I promptly put the ornament back on the branch. I muttered “Junk!” under my breath, and walked away.

A few minutes later, the mean-spirited woman got in my face and said, “You broke it. Your kids broke it. You have to buy it.”

I was noticeably irritated; because neither I nor my children broke it. That substandard crap was already cracked. Nevertheless I gave her the $3 just to shut her up.

Such is ObamaCare; substandard crap. Further, ObamaCare was broken out of the box, and now we must buy it.

Unlike that cheap ornament, Obamacare costs lots more.

Taxpayers have already lost out on more than $1.7 billion in funds they will never recover. Premiums rose, as did deductibles, yet “regressives” still sell ObamaCare like snake oil.

And so another one bites the dust.

The Illinois ObamaCare co-op closed its doors, making it the 16th to do so. Thus more taxpayers find themselves looking for new insurance homes. With only 23 original co-ops funded through government loans, only 7 remain.

Obama’s record: 7-16. If he were a coach, they would have fired him mid-season.

And you can bet they would have burned the playbook.

Like the lady in the store, Leftist say to Trump, “You break, you buy!”

Unlike me however, Trump won’t buy it. He will likely ask to look at all the inventory. When he sees that they are all broken, he will negotiate to buy them cheap, repair them, then sell them for 3X the original price.

Why can we trust Trump to fix it?

  • trump-with-obama challenges trumpHe’s asked Republicans and Democrats to work together to identify to pieces of Obamacare that are salvageable. His willingness to seek bi-partisan support shows he puts wisdom above ego.
  • His plan will allow companies to insure people across state lines. This will bring more free enterprise to the healthcare system and allow some major companies to pool their resources more efficiently.
  • Trump’s plan makes insurance premiums tax-deductible, while expanding Medicaid / Medicare for the poor. Getting people policies they can actually use will take precedence over just calling them “insured”.

This is good news to families like mine. We recently were faced to make an ObamaCare insurance decision, however the only affordable plans we found had outrageous deductibles we’d never meet. For us, the coverage was useless. That was likely the intent.

For me, it was cheaper to just take the penalty. I am not alone.

When Angela Denig couldn’t cover the costs of Obamacare health insurance this year, she made the only decision she could: She gave up on coverage, paid the fee for not being insured and hoped she wouldn’t get sick.

A few months later, a health scare would put the South Florida woman’s high-stakes gamble to the test. But at the time, she said, the calculation was clear. Paying a “several hundred dollar” penalty for remaining uninsured was much cheaper than forking over a monthly insurance premium of at least $200 under the Affordable Care Act — the only insurance she qualifies for.


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