Obama’s Job Approval Myth SHATTERED by New Gallup Poll

The myth of Obama’s popularity, over-hyped by his media elite super fans, has been shattered by a new Gallup poll.

Gallup revealed that Obama’s average put him among mere mortals, at 47.9 percent and not “Superman Status” as the fake news media constantly portrays.

So what do the real numbers mean? Obama really was just a white guy, Silly!

Obama didn’t even make the top five presidential averages. And he narrowly bested Gerald Ford (47.2%), Jimmy Carter (45.5%), and Harry Truman (45.4%).

The Gallup Poll has published presidential approval ratings since World War II, so who knows how far down Obama would have been had they compared him to the really great white guys? {snicker}

Think about it. Had the Left’s messiah been compared to George Washington or the Great Emancipator himself, Abraham Lincoln, even they might have been forced to keep him off the Top 20.

But what I found most shocking is despite the lame-stream media bias, Obama’s bloated average approval rating could not even manage to top disgraced Republican President Richard Nixon. Despite the Watergate Scandal in 1972, Nixon’s average approval rating was more than a point higher than that of Obama.

It’s gets worse. In a word…BUSH!

Even George W. Bush, whom Obama blamed for almost every shortcoming of his failed time in office, averaged almost two percent higher.

As you “cipher” the numbers, keep in mind that Bush’s approval dropped to 25 percent in 2008, mostly due to the financial crisis created by Democrats that fall.

Obama’s lowest job approval ratings occurred regarding the debt, unemployment, and ISIS.  But Obama figured out the key to getting high marks on approval: give away taxpayers’ money like there’s no tomorrow.

At one point in August of 2011, Obama’s approval dipped to 38 percent. This happened when he failed to generate congressional support to raise the debt ceiling limit. This caused the S&P to downgrade America’s credit rating for the first time in 70 years. Obama realized then, that he had an unlimited bank account, and lots of checks.

Obama increased the national debt from 40 percent of GDP in 2008, to 71 percent in 2011. The national debt grew the most dollar-wise during President Obama’s two terms. He added $7.917 trillion, a 68 percent increase, in seven years, and by Obama’s eight and final year (Thank you, Jesus!), the debt had doubled.

$20 trillion of debt later, and we get the most shocking government turnover in modern U.S. history.

In what couldn’t be better timing, President-elect Trump showcased what real leadership can bring to a country. Thus in his role as President-elect, Trump spurred the creation of thousands of jobs. This rallied the Dow Jones Industrial average to hover near the psychological milestone of 20,000, a mark the Trump presidency will undoubtedly break.

Obama’s popularity seemed to matter more to him during his tenure than did his job approval rating.


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