One Iconic Image Says it ALL About The Women’s March on Washington

For the women who want you to believe the Women’s March on Washington was about women’s rights, understand these feminists are all about their nasty vaginas.


Yet for feminists, they constantly denigrate themselves because of how low they feel. Their vaginas dictate their failures.

If only feminist had penises, then they could “dicktate” to men.

I thought penis-envy was for the guys we snickered at in the locker room. I had no idea that women, feminist are the ones who suffer most dramatically from penis envy.

But they do envy the man’s penis, yes even the tiny ones; an they envy with the vengeance of a pissed off Aphrodite.

I swear, if women and men switched naughty bits for a week, men would run the fricking universe in less than two days.

Here’s a thought experiment for you, give Trump a vagina. He would have whooped Hillary Clinton even worse, as a woman, and likely would have entered the presidential race worth $1 trillion before sundown.

Trump would show those vagina-hogging hags the real value of their real-estate holdings. They would know in short order what most men know, and that is the most expensive real-estate on the planet is the two inches between a woman’s legs.

I know, that’s so sexist. Whatever. No, whatever the [blank] ever.

Ask most of these divorced moguls who got the mine and who got the shaft, and you realize just how well the feminine wiles work.

So what’s the problem?

All vaginas are not equal. Well, that’s not the real problem.

A very good vagina on a poorly placed FACE get the user very little. And that’s why the world has feminist. Because God had to make far too many women butt-ugly.

Thus the real beef with feminist is their beef with God. This explains why so many of them are atheists.


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