President Trump BLASTS Never Trump and Sanctimonious Christians

From the moment Trump entered the race, there were naysayers. Some of the #NeverTrump crowd were just disgruntled institutionalize Republicans who were upset that Trump went around the pecking order.

These people love their chain of command. A non-politico doesn’t buck the system, even if he is a billionaire.

So Trump fought his brothers and sisters, more than he fought the enemy on the Left. Initially Republicans felt Trump would implode on himself, as did most Leftists. As Trump gained steam, Republicans went on the attack. Most people recall Mitt Romney’s press conference where he called Trump a “con man.”

Leftists were gleeful about Trump. Most had begged Trump to run, feeling that he was the least likely to win.

However as time went on, the Left began to fear Trump. Actually what’s more true is the Left feared our reaction to Trump. We weren’t taking the bait. As Trump made more and more perceived blunders, we embraced him more.

The only thing left to try to kill Trump were the evangelicals. And after Trump’s appearance at Liberty University, and the famous “Two Corinthians” comment, his fate was sealed.

How could Trump win over the evangelicals, if he can’t quote scripture?!

Was he “Conservative” enough? What judges would Trump put on the Supreme Court? Evangelicals even demanded a list of Supreme Court judges.

Conservatives said Trump was pro-abortion, or at the very least pro-choice. Trump had been clear on his stance, when he said he couldn’t stand the idea of abortion. But he said he also respects women, and understand this is not an easy issue.

Still Trump was questioned.

Trump was clear. He said he was a Conservative. Further he declared that he would undo the Obama agenda almost lock, stock and barrel.

Then Trump went from President-elect to President. And what a difference a day makes.

The time for talk had ended, as Trump began the deconstruction of ObamaCare. He said he would do this Day One, and he wasn’t kidding. President Trump followed through on a host of other campaign promises, but the one that I believe may be most amazing is the promise he made to Christ-followers.

Trump brought God back to America. No longer will America export evil. In a few strokes of his pen, Trump stopped exporting death.

A draft executive order from the Trump administration orders the federal government to stop funding any United Nations organization that promotes “the performance of abortion or sterilization as a method of family planning.”

In an recent interview with David Muir, President Trump chastised the media for their lack of coverage of the March for Life. Since when has a Republican president been this bold in making his point about being pro-life? Since NEVER!

Trump has made it clear to everyone, that he believes in Conservative ideals. His actions are not to satisfy his base necessarily. He knows the direction the country needs to go.

Leftist Jill Abramson of The Guardian wrote this of Trump’s inauguration speech,

His base no doubt loved it. But there was no reassurance or olive branch extended to the majority of Americans who did not vote for him. While he named President Bill Clinton, there was no mention of his wife, the vanquished opponent. There were no good wishes extended to President George HW Bush or his wife, who were hospitalized, but did not endorse him. The man does not seem capable of being magnanimous.

Abramson wants an olive branch from Trump after America endured 8 years of brutal slavery. Further, she wants reassurance that he will listen to the people who hate him, like her.

She then feigns concern for the Bush family, a family she would give water if they were dying of thirst.

Finally, she claims Trump wasn’t magnanimous. So!

Anybody think the Left were planning on being magnanimous to Trump had he lost? They were already dancing on his grave.

What blinders the Trump detractors wore. Being a brain-dead moron, Abramson has an excuse. But the #NeverTrump crowd no longer has any excuse for not being on the Trump Train.

As for Evangelicals who didn’t support Trump, where’s your support. If saving the most precious thing among us counts, you need to stand up and say, “Thank you, President Trump. You restored God to America!”


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