Quebec Shooting Arrests: We KNOW Religion and Ethnicity of Shooter

Religion and Ethnicity Withheld by Police.

Two gunmen in masks, at least one from Morocco,  opened fire last night at a Quebec mosque, killing six people, and injuring nineteen.  Five remain in critical condition.

According to The Washington Post:

Authorities said on Monday that one of the two is now considered a witness, not a suspect.  However, neither the ethnicity nor religious identity of that perpetrator have been released.

Muslim on Muslim Terror?

How can any sovereign nation effectively fight terror when they don’t identify the source of that terror?

JammieWF reported,

“Police have arrested two students – one ‘of Moroccan origin’ – in the murders of six people at “Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center attack that happened around 8pm last night.”

Witnesses claimed the killers shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ in what sounded like a Quebecois accent as they shot up the Mosque.

The Associated Press and CBC News reported that a Quebec court clerk identified Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed el Khadir as the two suspects.

Did Trump’s Policy Cause a Terror Attack?

This terror attack happened one day after President Trump temporarily banned refugees from seven countries known to harbor and train terrorists from entering the United States. Trump’s order sparked widespread protests at several U.S. airports when travelers from banned countries were detained, so customs officials could determine their legal right to enter America’s borders.

For some reason, media outlets insinuated that the premeditated, well-planned Quebec City terror attack was the direct result of President Trump’s policies.

The Washington Post suggested that Trump’s refugee ban gave rise to the attack:

“Still, the context of the attack was inescapable, coming after a rise in anti-Muslim rhetoric, behavior and vandalism in the United States and Canada, amid a heated debate about President Trump’s executive order temporarily shutting U.S. borders to refugees and migrants from seven mostly Muslim countries.”

How exactly did debate over an American president’s policy cause a terrorist to open fire in the name of a Muslim god on Muslim worshipers in Quebec?

The Guardian reported President Trump’s ban, and then tried get the Canadian Premiere to blame Trump for the terror attack.

The shooting came amid protests and confusion around the world after Donald Trump enacted a travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries.  Asked if Mr. Trump’s actions influenced the attack, Mr. Couillard said no, but added:  “We are obviously in a world where people tend to divide themselves rather than unite themselves.”

And exactly who would be guilty of division? 

The Telegraph reported that even Muslims are quick to lay blame for the terror attack.

“The Canadian Council of Imams said in a statement that “Islamophobia has killed innocent Canadians.”

Divisiveness is the Choice

Trump will retire the race cardOne witness told The Globe and Mail that one gunman began shooting, “…everything that was moving.  It was someone who mastered weapons because it was calm … He killed and he killed.”

The motive of the shooter is not yet known. But here’s what we do know.

A terrorist who killed and injured multiple people did not plan it in one day in response to the political policies of another country.

We also know that the terror suspect came from Morocco, and while maiming and killing others, shouted “Allah Akbar.” This Muslim calmly opened fire on Muslims.

Aside from the victim profile, this behavior is indicative of Muslim extremists who perpetrate terror. If the shooter was Islamophobic, why did he start his rampage with a Muslim prayer?

National security measures are designed to keep us safe, not divide the nation.  We’re only a divided people if we choose to be.  So, why are some reporters trying to turn this despicable act of terror into a condemnation of political opponents?  Apparently, because political dissent sells.

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