Racist Black Relic Democrat Congressman John Lewis Calls Trump Illegitimate

When you hear this interview with Democrat Congressman John Lewis, you will know why I call black Democratic congressmen, clowns.

Civil rights relic and Congressional Black Circus member, John Lewis was interviewed by Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press. During the interview Lewis called Donald Trump an illegitimate president.


Like a well-trained cymbal-clapping monkey, Lewis repeated what racist Leftist whites have told him. Thus, Lewis repeated what all loser Leftists have been saying: “The Russians did it.”

Lewis called the so-called Russian hack a “conspiracy.” When asked about working with President Trump, Lewis then went on to say,

“I believe in forgiveness, I believe in trying to work with people,”

Allow me to finish his sentence: “…except when the other party kicks our ass so blatantly.”

Chuck Todd asked whether he would “forge” a relationship with Trump, to which John “Forgiveness” Lewis replied:

“It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be very difficult. I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president.”

Think Lewis will have to talk to his god, Obama, and ask for guidance?

john-lewis-holding-hands-with-obamaTrump was exponentially more qualified than the man they call Hillary. Post-election, Trump has demonstrated that he has nose hair smarter than Hillary and Obama combined.

The man has created and saved real jobs, even enough to get some black folks back to work.

Next, Trump tweeted a threat to Rahm Emanuel to start protecting his black people, or the Fed will take over the Chicago Democrat plantation and free Chicago Negroes, whether they want it or not!

But what really tickled me occurred when Lewis said that elections should be fair!

Tell Bernie Sanders that.

In the wake of the WikiLeaks of DNC emails, 5 DNC officials resigned. Here’s how H.A. Goodman of the Huffington Post put it:

Ultimately, even if Russia is to blame for these leaks, Democrats seem eager to ignore the biggest issues. It’s questions pertaining to foreign donors and preferential treatment (in addition to the inner workings of Democratic politics) being exposed to the American public and it’s this corruption that adversaries can use to their advantage. If Clinton was an honest politician, or the DNC didn’t undermine Bernie Sanders, there’d be nothing for Putin (assuming Clinton’s propaganda is correct) to use against Democrats.

There’s an Orwellian blame game being used by Clinton’s campaign to overshadow the consequences of a rigged primary. In addition to Debbie Wasserman Shultz and three other DNC officials forced to resign in early August, the DNC’s top fundraiser just recently left because of WikiLeaks. Instead of asking why these DNC officials resigned, media seems focused solely on why Assange would disclose their emails.

However with Trump, Lewis comments of the red herring Russian hack,

“That’s not right, that’s not fair…that’s not the democratic process.”

Well cheating is indeed the Democratic process–note the big “D.”

Lewis showcases the obvious double-standard. He’s upset that in the run-up to the election, his dogwhistle of “racism” didn’t work.

Democrats scare for votesIn a video posted to YouTube by The Democrats on Monday, the Civil Rights hero encourages Americans to reject the bigotry of Donald Trump and his surrogates.

Lewis begins by citing the fact that the KKK newsletter “The Crusader” recently endorsed Trump for president, speaking to the “darkest part of our society.”

“What bothers me is that Mr. Trump has now run a national campaign that has emboldened these racists and bigots,” Lewis adds. “What bothers me is that I still remember the terror we felt in the 1960s, marching peacefully into a violent storm of hatred whipped up by racism and bigotry.”

How many times do Conservatives have to hear civil rights tokens like John Lewis and their calls of racism? For them, everything is racism except the racist crap they do.

I respect that John Lewis took an ass-kicking on a bridge a long time ago for the fight for civil rights of blacks. What I don’t respect is he later sided with his ass-kickers against blacks. – Kevin Jackson

Fools like Lewis have outlived their usefulness for black people, and he demonstrates just how badly he has sold out to the Democrats. The Congressional Black Circus hasn’t helped blacks in any meaningful way, since its inception. In fact, the CBC has made blacks Leftists the weakest whiners on the planet.

And what of this threat to not attend the inauguration? Really? I say to Lewis, “Then keep your racist black ass home!”

Democrats, especially the black fools are full of themselves, as Americans don’t give a crap about these black racist antiques. Time has passed them by, as they live mired in their pasts.

Just like Conservative America sucked it up under Obama, so shall all the snowflakes, white and black, shall suck it up under Trump.

History will be the judge on whether Trump or Obama bettered America. That’s what the Left and John Lewis fear most.



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