Racist BLM Whines: No Arrests of White People at Vagina March

Racist BLM claims Lack of Arrests at Women’s Marches were the Result of Racism

womens-march-pussyThe racist terror group, Black Lives Matter took offense, pointing their venom at one of their Leftist allies. The group was angered that there were no arrests at the recent Vaginahead march in Washington.

In what the media billed as the Women’s March on Washington, the mostly white women took the streets to protest their miserable lives of privilege. The march of the vaginals got favorable press and praise because it was generally peaceful with no arrests.

The fact that this march was mainly white women didn’t go unnoticed on Ijeoma Oluo, editor at large of feminist website The Establishment. Oluo cited the reason no one was arrested was that the marchers were primarily white women.

Let’s Do some FACT-Checking…

Democracy for America Executive Director Charles Chamberlain confirmed that the inauguration day protests were both multi-racial and multi-generational.

In New York, nine people were arrested.

In Dallas, five people were arrested.

In Chicago, six people were arrested.

In Portland, Oregon six people were arrested – several were armed with club, sticks, and throwing “unknown liquid” at police officers.

In Seattle, people were throwing bricks and one man was shot during the protests there.

Given these new revelations, perhaps there were “women of color” in attendance?

Race-Baiter Without a Cause

“The truth is, we are all fighting for very important things, but only certain people get to march down the street and not have to worry about violence from police officers,” Ms. Oluo said.

No, but what about violence from other women. Like the pro-Trump women, who were not represented because they would have been beaten?

Few altercations occurred, because the women were of one un-sound mind, and thus they all got along. Nobody dare speak out against the fake narrative of (white) women oppression in America.

Spokesperson Madonna explained it best, when she lamented on behalf of multi-millionaire Hollywood actresses being paid less than their male counterparts. Let’s fix this gross inequity now, so that Hollywood millionaire women can be doubly wealthy.

I’m sure black women all over America felt the pain of the Hollyweirdos, as these black women raise their children alone.

Oluo may have missed the real problem with the women’s march, as she was too hopeful for more violence and arrests. Oluo should have organized a march of single black women with children, then gotten the white vaginaheads to babysit. You can bet that would be the one and only time for that event, after these white women are left with “Bebe’s kids!”

Same old, tired excuses for violence, from a new generation of race pimps

Holy Brother of Baltimore, it sounds like BLM wants more “space to destroy” simply because they’re black.

Hey BLM:  Give Peace a Chance!

Even though participants at the Women’s Marches were crude, gross, vulgar, and disgusting, they were also generally peaceful. They weren’t blocking freeways, or burning, looting, and destroying buildings. That was done the previous day by other Leftist anarchists.

Peaceful protesters obey the law while airing grievances.  Putting lives in danger by blocking motorways or destroying businesses does NOT make you a civil rights champion; it makes you a thug who belongs in jail.

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