Ronda Rousey: Hillary Clinton of MMA

Shame on the UFC for promoting feminist nonsense.

Dana White has been featuring now twice badly defeated Ronda Rousey for a couple of years. She was not only billed as the toughest woman, but the toughest person on the planet.

cain-velasquez-vs-ronda-rouseyThe UFC did commercials with Rousey and then men’s heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, where Rousey implied that she was the tougher of the two, “under the right circumstances.”

Sure, and I remember that chick in the Olympics who outran Usain Bolt…NOT!

In more UFC “fake news,” they tried to convince us that Rousey’s “patented” arm-bar was invincible. All she needed to do was one small thing. If Rousey gets inside, game over.

There existed that one little nasty detail: to get inside.

Rousey was kept at the end of Holly Holm’s fist in Rousey’s first loss. The defeat had Rousey contemplating suicide, that is as I wrote at the time, until Rousey found love…with a man!

Men 1, Feminist 0.

So Rousey took a year off to reinforce her “man-love”, and to retool her skillset.

Knowing the fight game as I do, I know it takes more time than a year to retool something you know nothing about. Boxing is a skill, and a year helps, but it doesn’t make you a pro.

Nevertheless, in a repeat of the past, the UFC started anew with the incessant Rousey propaganda.

Rousey was allowed to break rules that got others fined, because Rousey was back. And the UFC put her in the echelons of the great male fighters of today.

Like Hillary Clinton, Rousey went into this fight thinking her win was a foregone conclusion. At the time of the fight, Vegas had the odds as follows:

  • Ronda Rousey -175
  • Amanda Nunes +145

So if you bet $100 for Nunes, you won $145. For Rousey, you needed to bet $175 to win 100. You can bet there were a lot of happy Nunes betters, and I wish I were one of them.

Dana White again licks his wounds, as “Protege v2.0” got her ass kicked…again.

UFC president Dana White said he spent about 45 minutes with Ronda Rousey after a crushing loss at the hands of Amanda Nunes on Friday night.

Even White couldn’t answer the burning question — what’s next for Rousey?

“I don’t know,” White said on ESPN at UFC 207 in Las Vegas. “Ronda obviously needs to go home, take some time. She’s very rich. She doesn’t need to fight anymore. She’s super competitive. Maybe she wants to. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.”

Rousey was pummeled in 48 seconds by the fast hands of the Brazilian Nunes. Rousey didn’t speak to media afterward, while a cocky Nunes declared Rousey finished.

rousey-mcgregorThe way the UFC coddled Rousey reminds me of how Democrats treat blacks.

The UFC made Rousey believe she was on par with the better talent in the division, as opposed to making sure she was. Does Rousey have the talent? Likely. But she squandered it, thinking that a move as simple as an arm-bar was the long-term strategy to beat the best. Rousey is the epitome of a one-trick pony, and she was exposed in the Holm dismantling.

That would be like me training all my fighters, that a kick to the crotch works every time. Well not if you run into a mean-spirited, well-trained eunuch.

Going forward, how about some truth in advertising UFC?

I’d like to see the organization lose the “politically correct” hype, and just set up great matches. We can decide if we want to see one fighter over another.

Just so we are clear, Nunes dominated Rousey, and she deserves attention. But I would pay a lot more to see Tyrone Woodley or Conor McGregor fight, versus Nunes.



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