Riots: The Obama Administration Preserves Part of its Legacy

While Trump is promising to restore jobs, families, and our economy, the Left is smashing through Starbucks and McDonald’s.

Was it too much to hope that Obama’s home-grown terrorists would leave with his departure?

Many of Americans couldn’t make the trip to D.C. for the inauguration, but never fear, YouTube can always show us what we’re missing. .

Watch what was the live feed from the Guardian Wires when the cameraman took off after rioting crowds. Suddenly they were breaking windows at Starbucks and McDonald’s. Of course they didn’t have the guts to show their cowardly faces.


Leftists believe the best way to bring attention to their message is through destruction of other people’s property.

You’d think those morons would have learned something from the Tea Party Community by now? Apparently taking ones fight to the ballot box is beyond the comprehension of the Left.

Remember when Leftists tried to sell the narrative that Conservatives were radicals? That we were the people causing destruction and mayhem, when we don’t get our way? And as you likely know all too well, Leftists tell you who they are, as they accuse you of doing what they will eventually do.

Inauguration riots end Obama AdministrationNo matter how you slice it, this is domestic terrorism. Yet, you will not hear media call this what it is. Nor will the fake news media acknowledge that where Leftists congregate for whatever reason, a riot will likely follow.

Don’t go anywhere there is Black Lives Matter, if you want to live that is. And if Occupy Wall Street still existed, you want to avoid those bottom-feeders. Oh, and what about that Coffee Party. How cool would it have been if they had destroyed that Starbucks?

Obama wanted a legacy, and he got it.

  • Ushering back racism of Jim Crow
  • Ruining the Democratic Party
  • Killing cops
  • School shootings
  • Killing inner city black people

There is nothing these mental defectives can do to ruin the Trump presidency. I imagine Trump chuckles inside as he considers the ease at which he can fill Obama’s “Ken doll” sized shoes.

Soon Obama’s legacy will fade, as America rights itself. People will have less time for frivolity, as they will finally have jobs.


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