Fathead Rosie O’Donnell Calls Trump Mentally Unstable

Michael Moore’s older brother Rosie O’Donnell has struck again.

I’m not sure which of these two Leftists is the bigger idiot. In this case, I’m going with O’Donnell. She forgot to take her meds, so she’s tweeting like a mad man.

This batcrap crazy witch tweeted “DONALD TRUMP IS MENTALLY UNSTABLE.” I was forced to grab a screenshot, since Rosie O’Donnell has banned me from accessing her Twitter page. AWESOME!

Here’s more from Fox News,

rosies-tweetPresident-elect Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell have publicly feuded in the past, and with less than three weeks until the inauguration, O’Donnell is stepping up her game.

In a series of tweets over the weekend, O’Donnell calls out Trump as being a “sick man” and a “criminal” who is “mentally ill” and “mentally unstable,” as well as being the world’s “worst human.”

I don’t recall Donald Trump ever misplacing one of HIS KIDS! US Magazine reported the story back in August 2015, of O’Donnell’s child missing:

Rosie O’Donnell’s 17-year-old daughter, Chelsea O’Donnell, is reportedly missing. The former View co-host posted an alert on Twitter and her website on Tuesday, Aug. 18, stating that Chelsea and her dog Bear were last seen on Tuesday, Aug. 11, and that authorities have seen searching for the teen in Nyack, New York — where O’Donnell and her family have a home — since Sunday.

And how about that “fake news” Rosie? As her daughter revealed on The View, O’Donnell is a fraud.

Chelsea O’Donnell has spoken for the first time about what it was like to grow up as Rosie’s daughter and what really happened in the days she was reported missing by her ‘frantic’ mother last August in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online.

The 18-year-old reveals how Rosie’s public persona is ‘phony’ and has little to do with her life behind closed doors.

She spoke out to disclose what she sees as O’Donnell’s hypocrisy – that when she’s out and about her bubbly and engaging personality is belied by the way she is at home.

Chelsea said: ‘I find her not genuine a lot of the time. When we’d go out, she was a completely different person in public than at home and I had a hard time with that. It’s like two different people.’


Rosie O’Donnell is a foul vile Leftist, constantly looking for validation that she matters. She doesn’t.

As Trump does better and better, O’Donnell will get worse and worse.

I’m not sure how much lower her career can go, as America doesn’t have much use for old ugly white Lesbian comedic hacks. But you can bet O’Donnell will dazzle us with her buffoonery, as she finds new lows.


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