Good Samaritan Protects Trooper After Obama Fails to Protect Police

Obama can’t provide safety for our police. In fact his Administration has led to more police ambushes that any administration in history. Now citizens are protecting the men and women in blue because Obama can’t do the job.

Picture this. It’s 4am, the darkest hours of early morning. About 40 miles west of Phoenix the call rings out. “Shots have been fired!!”  A veteran Arizona State Trooper responds to the call. While driving down I-10, Trooper Edward Anderson notices a rollover vehicle on the side of the road. He stops to render aid.  A woman, seemingly ejected from her SUV, lies on the ground. The trooper tries to take control of the scene.

In that moment, a routine tragedy took a bizarre twist when Anderson was ambushed getting out of his car. A madman shoots the trooper in the shoulder once, then in the chest two more times. The trooper loses control of his right hand and his arm. The gunman jumps on the trooper and starts bashing his head into the pavement. Just then, a passing motorist stopped.

This story would have a very different ending if Obama’s ban on guns would have been effective. The Left wants to standby while Obama sells guns to our enemies and takes them away from our people.


The President spent eight years preaching that gun control laws were the answer. Let’s think about that for a minute. If we look at Jamaica, they had one of the lowest murder rates on the planet in the 1960’s. It was 3.9 per 100,000. In 1967 they passed draconian gun control laws similar to what Obama believes in. They quickly spiraled into one of the world’s most dangerous countries and now tout one of he highest murder rates per capita- 45.1. Since the US murder rate is 4.5, one can extrapolate that into simple terms. Severe gun control makes a country ten times more dangerous.

It’s a good thing Obama and his Leftist Army didn’t succeed in disarming America because we all know the criminals would have kept their weapons. It’s the law-abiding citizens who would turn them in. Obama wants us to believe guns kill people. Just like keyboards misspell words and spoons make you fat. The users of these weapons bare absolutely no responsibility for the way they are handled. At least that’s how the Liberals tell it.

But let’s get back to Trooper Anderson. Luckily one man was brave enough to stop when he saw the trooper in trouble, and he owned a gun. When Trooper Anderson cried out “please help me” the man went back to his car. He took out his gun, he ordered the madman to stop his assault. When the psychopath refused to end his assail on Trooper Anderson, the Samaritan shot and killed the attacker.

Now if this good samaritan was from the Left, he would have made sure his act of heroism was recorded on Facebook Live and he would have monetized his video. Furthermore, he would have sold T’shirts at the event and donated the money to Obama.

However, in addition to being heroic this samaritan was humble. Unlike the radical Liberal gun-control activists, he didn’t stick around for his five minutes of fame. Because Arizona has a “defense of third person” law, the samaritan’s actions were fully justified. After the dust settled, the nameless rescuer simply got back in his car. He was headed to California with his wife, and he went quietly on his way.

If the Obama administration had done their job, these police ambushes wouldn’t be a viral phenomenon. Seven days and counting down to the end of the most dangerous Administration ever!

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