Seattle Leftists Create An UNBELIEVABLE Safe Space for Criminals

They don’t call it the Space Needle for nothin’. Welcome to the new “no go” zones for civilized Americans. In Seattle.

seattle-homeless safe injectionLeftists create hell holes and war zones in their cities. But instead of solving the problems of their creation, they merely put band-aids on them.

In the laissez-faire minds of Leftist drugs are good. We all know drugs to be bad, as they alter one’s state of mind, in most cases forever. That said, I don’t care if a person does drugs. I don’t believe the government should condone drug use, however.

Nevertheless, as with sexual partners, what you eat, or how often you bathe, what you do in the privacy of your home, along or with consenting adults is none of my business.

However, if you believe your indulgence should be public, we have a problem.

Back to Leftist “no go” zones.

In Seattle, they have created an eco-system where people must drown their Leftism in drug use. As I’ve indicated, drug use leads to destruction of lives. Drug abusers tend to be homeless, and in some cases violent.

So Seattle has a homeless drug addicts problem of their creation. Their solution is to set up “safe sites” for these drug-addicted zombies.

The Washington Post reports,

Officials in Seattle on Friday approved the nation’s first “safe-injection” sites for users of heroin and other illegal drugs, calling the move a drastic but necessary response to an epidemic of addiction that is claiming tens of thousands of lives each year.

The sites — which offer addicts clean needles, medical supervision and quick access to drugs that reverse the effects of an overdose — have long been popular in Europe. Now, with the U.S. death toll rising, the idea is gaining traction in a number of American cities, including Boston, New York City and Ithaca, N.Y.

 I love that last part, that the idea is “gaining traction.” In other words, all other cities suffer from the same issue, so this “innovative” solution should be adopted and franchised.
The article continues,

While opponents say the sites promote illegal drug use, supporters say they can keep people alive and steer them toward treatment. They compare supervised injection facilities to the needle exchanges that became popular in the 1980s and 1990s as a way to stanch the spread of HIV and hepatitis C among intravenous drug users.

So the city can gather all its druggies in one place, and cordon off the area? Hmmm, reminds me of what cities have done to BLACK PEOPLE!

And what of the legality?

seattle-homeless-2The sites are not currently legal under federal law, according to Kelly Dineen, a professor of health law at Saint Louis University School of Law. A provision of the Controlled Substances Act makes it illegal to operate facilities where drugs are used, she said.

So what it’s not legal. Seattle is a sanctuary city and that’s not legal. Let’s hope all the Mexican meth addicts learn of this even better haven, so they too can feel safe.

Seattle argues their solution will save lives. After all, they’re calling it a “safe injection space.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a record 33,000 people died from opioid overdoses in 2015. Opioids now kill more people each year than car accidents. In 2015, the number of heroin deaths nationwide surpassed the number of deaths from gun homicides.

Hopefully you didn’t miss the notion that death by opioid is worse than death by gun?

One of these days Leftists will get around to outlawing death. Then taxing those who dare die.

Oh wait…that’s already happened.



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