Shock Video: Democrat Sets Fire to Trump Supporter’s Hair at Inaugural Protest

The intolerant Left strike again. As if burning Larry King’s limo wasn’t bad enough, an anti-Trump Democrat set fire to a Trump supporter’s hair.

I know what you are about to see goes against all that we are told by Leftists. However as you watch just remember to not believe your lying eyes.

The video showcases two white female and two male Trump supporters speaking with anti-Trump protesters. All appears peaceful at first, but you must remember that Leftist are evil, and more unpredictable than a schizophrenic snake.

The Trump supporters let their guard down, and likely feel they have made headway with the anti-Trump terrorists. Thus, the two female Trump supporters, one with her hair in braids, take turns posing for photographs in front of the protesters.


As the woman with longer hair was getting her picture taken, an Asian female protester dressed in a white shirt with lettering that appeared to read “Not My President” removes a lighter from her jacket and sets the Trump supporter’s hair on fire.

Thankfully one of the young males with the group noticed the fire, and quickly put it out. You can clearly spot a puff of smoke rising from behind the victim’s back.

Tormenting of Trump supporters is nothing new. Remember this young Trump supporter who ran for his life from La Raza Mexicans?

I DARE any Leftist to show video of Hillary Clinton zombies or other morons being chased by Trump people. Yet for Trump supporters were attacked in almost every venue.

The Daily Caller reported on some of the attacks on Trump supporters, and I have highlighted a couple less known reports.

Rockville, Maryland

A high school student from Rockville, Maryland was punched and kicked to the ground by his classmates for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Students walked out of their classes Wednesday morning to protest against Trump, and his presence at the protest along with his hat apparently triggered others to attack him. One of the attackers will be charged with second-degree assault.

New York City

A 74-year-old man was assaulted and thrown to the ground by a 23-year-old female Black Lives Matter activist named Shacara McLaurin outside of Trump Tower during a protest. His attack occurred after he shouted “All Lives Matter.” The assailant, an anti-bullying activist, was arrested.

Leftists are terrorists. They must be watched at all times, or they will indeed burn you.


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