Idiot Alert: SNL Sings Tribute to Barack Obama

Democrats really must maintain the facade of Barack Obama or they will wither and die.

No matter how hard they avoid the truth, Leftists can’t ignore the eventual truth. And when the bow breaks, the cradle will fall.

However until then, the remnants of Leftism will be felt. America will be treated to nonsense for quite some time; told just how wonderful Barack Obama was and is.

The Leftist “comedy” troupe of Saturday Night Live has practically dedicated itself to denigrating Trump and promoting incompetent Obama, as competent.

In their latest tribute to The Incompetent One, SNL hearkens back on the movie starring Sidney Poitier, To Sir With Love.

At the end of the song, the two of them presented Obama with a present: a tea mug saying “world’s greatest president.” The two offered their last goodbyes, though Zamata couldn’t help but slip in a “don’t go” amid the thank-you’s.

The irony of choosing To Sir With Love as the backdrop is that in the real movie, the protagonist actually made a difference.

The idea of To Sir With Love is that the black man teaches the mostly white children about themselves.

To Sir With LoveRecall that Mark Thackeray (Sidney Poitier) was unemployed. He had applied for an engineering job, however that decision hadn’t come yet. In the interim Thackeray applies for a teaching job.

Before long he is awarded the job. As with most new teachers, Thackeray gets the worst school, North Quay Secondary School in the tough East End of London.

Eventually Thackeray learns from the staff of North Quay that most of the students have been rejected from other schools. Further, the antics of the students in his class caused the last teacher to resign.

Thackery would learn the students’ reputation is deserved.

Spoiler alert. Thackeray wins the class over, including Denham. How did he do it? By spanking Denham’s ass in the boxing ring.

After his butt-kicking, Denham expresses his admiration for Thackeray to his fellow students. Thus, Thackeray wins back their respect and is invited to the class dance.

So I ask you whose butt did Obama kick? Answer: his own.

Which brings us to the SNL tribute at the end.

At the dance Barbara Pegg (Lulu) announces a “ladies choice” dance and Pamela chooses Thackeray as her dance partner. While Miss Pegg sings the film theme song, the class then presents Thackeray with a gift.

Anybody who wants to dance with Obama, feel free to leave now.


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