Washington University Offers a Class on Kanye West

As if Higher Education wasn’t already some kind of joke in this country, now kids can waste their parent’s or taxpayers’ money learning about Kanye West.

Hard to believe a university with the prestige of Wash U would actually teach a class on Kanye West. But according to Fox News, that’s exactly what they are doing.

There is a waiting list for a course on Kanye West at Washington University. The course is called, “The Politics of Kanye West: Black Genius and Sonic Aesthetics.” The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that there are 75 students enrolled.

A description of the class from Washington University states, “As a hip-hop artist Kanye West has had unprecedented impact on the sonic force of music, fashion, politics, and videography. Coupling his controversial moments, with his corpus of musical texts with special focus on sonic production, this course illuminates “Mr. West” as a case studey [sic] for interrogating the interplay between fame, gender, sexuality, and race. Mostly, we explore how racialized ways of doing iconography, complex ways of seeing, creates a distorted or reductive frame through which we see the black and famous. Nonetheless, the course oscillates with entertaining these nuances, while being entertained by the decade-long catalogue of music and visual imagery. Together, we extract the “Politics of Mr. West” in his music and life, while also illuminating the importance of a politics of genius-making in the larger arc of black pop culture tradition.”

A waiting list!? I bet. Why waste time actually learning about something applicable in life?

So last week I was on Facebook, again, and my aunt posted the video below. After watching it, I felt vindicated in saying that students aren’t getting much bang for their buck on the university level.

As you view the video, consider that these people might become your lawyers, your primary care physicians, or worse yet; your congressmen!!

Scary stuff, isn’t it?

Pop culture and other useless “icons,” and these kids have it down pat. Yet they have no clue who Joe Biden is. To be fair, he didn’t exactly accomplish anything in the past decade.

Nevertheless, this generation of “race conscious” young adults should at least know who won the Civil War.

Ironically, universities aren’t embarrassed about this lack of knowledge of students. As long as they learn about gender equality and race issues, all is good in Montessori.

At least the new graduates will have those great degrees in hip hop, when they are working as greeters at McDonald’s.



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