Tommy Toughbutt Restauranteur Cafe 8/12 Now Wants Trump Business

Remember the publicity seeker restaurateur, Robert Warner who declared on a bright yellow, handmade sign, which he taped to the front door glass at Cafe 8/12:

“If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis,”

Well little Tommie Toughass has changed his tune.

As Fox News reports:

While Warner claims business has been better than ever since the story went viral in news media across the world, he took the notice down on Wednesday, telling Hawaii News Now: “If somebody came in and said, ‘Hey, I know you can’t tell who I voted for, but I voted for Trump, would you let me eat?’ I would say, ‘Sure, if you’re nice with me and I’m nice with you and you like my food, sit down, no problem.”

What the flunk ever! This putz got a rude awakening in capitalism. Here’s what I wrote of him and his decision at the time.

These businesses rarely last, even in their Liberal Utopias. They eventually shut themselves down, as their Liberal policies implode on themselves.


Half of the country just voted for Trump, and I suspect a lot more wanted to. Whether or not Cafe 8 1/2 loses half its business remains to be seen. Nevertheless, The Warners made a bonehead move.

Trump reachingThe Warners can play that game with stupid Leftists, but I know the Trump undercurrent was towing his boat under.

I love the next part of the story. Because, the wife of the wannabe food Nazi explained why diners who support Trump are safe to return to the restaurant.

Jali Warner, Warner’s wife, told the same on Tuesday, noting if a Trump supporter ate there, “we don’t put anything different in your food.” Neither could be reached for comment by phone this week because the phone consistently rang busy.

The final bit of iron for this story comes, as the man who called Trump voters “Nazis”, fancies himself a Nazi as well. Fox News continues,

Warner is known to channel the “soup Nazi” persona of New York City and “Seinfeld” fame — “throwing pots and pans,” “telling off customers,” and “hanging not-so-friendly reminders on butcher paper for his customers to read.”

Have I mentioned that Leftists are vile creatures who can’t even find happiness doing what they love? That’s because what makes Leftists happy is spreading misery to everybody.

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