Trump Hit Obama’s Failed Goal in Less than a Week

After 8 years stuck in the Obama slump, our economy is finally bouncing back. The stock market is enjoying a steady rise post-election. Market analysts call it “Trump Trading”.

Now that the Dow Jones broke the illusive 20,000 mark, investors are willing to dig even deeper to make America great again. Why? Trump’s pro-growth policies are restoring faith in US markets!

As reported by the UK Telegraph, “It has taken the Dow index just two short months, or 42 sessions, to climb from the first close above 19,000 to 20,000. It’s worth noting the rise between 18,000 and 19,000 took some 483 trading sessions.”

That means Obama tried to make the goal, but he failed. Obama was printing money right and left in hopes of being the President to bust the 20,000 mark. All Trump had to do was win the election and BOOM! Immediately growth of the Dow is more than 8 times faster. Clearly we see who Wall Street believes in.

The CEO of the USA

The Left is trying to deny Trump’s presence as a power player, but they cannot continue to ignore the numbers. The proof is in the pudding.

Under Obama’s regime, we saw a government use extreme regulations to cover up the failure of economic policies. Even Nancy Pelosi thought unemployment benefits were a form of economic stimulus. Obama’s progressive socialism and his fantasy of wealth redistribution ended miserably.

Obama left Americans broke, applying for Food Stamps the government can’t even afford to dish out. From his not-so-affordable healthcare act to increased regulatory costs, Obama doubled our debt from $10 trillion to $20 and left Americans holding the bag. Every time someone called Obama out, he threw up excuses of “inherited problems”.

Trump inherited a Category 5 Hurricane disaster, yet he hasn’t muttered one excuse. That’s why November 8th mattered. The United States traded in a politician for a CEO.

Trump brings in the Who’s Who of Corporate America.

 Like any good CEO knows, the board of advisors is a key component to success. Trump sat down with business leaders to problem solve. He didn’t say “let me write some regulations” or “let me throw out some government spending”. NO! He said “let’s get America to work!” Then he asked the big wigs to help make it happen.
Wendell Weeks of Corning, Alex Gorsky of Johnson & Johnson, Michael Dell of Dell Technologies, Elon Musk of SpaceX, Mark Sutton of International Paper, Mario Longhi of US Steel, Marillyn Hewson of Lockheed Martin, and Mark Fields of Ford Motor Company are among the brilliant corporate minds Trump brought to the table.

Not only did he challenge corporate America to problem solve for the economy, he pledged to cut regulation by 75% and government spending by $10 trillion. The cherry on top of the cake is the fact that he immediately took us out of the TPP, a trade deal that steadily eroded American jobs. That got the Teamsters to stand up and take notice! 

All Obama can say from his new chair, which is NOT in the Oval Office, is “how is that gonna be done, what are you going to do, he doesn’t have an answer.” Then Obama offered up his answer, which unfortunately was Hillary.

Trumps answers are simple. Cut taxes — individual and corporate — in order to spur production, manufacturing, and economic growth. Not only will we build a wall to secure our border, but we will also build the pipelines and get our energy production going, and put Americans back to work. The list of companies who are crediting Trump with restoring jobs and bringing back profits is growing by the minute. 

The Left is still sitting over there chanting with Obama. “Yes we can!” They are screaming from the unemployment line. Meanwhile Trump is eradicating that line with his own chant. “Yes, we WILL!”

There is a huge difference between thinking and doing. Obama is a thinker. Trump is a doer. If you’re a doubter, take a look at the Dow Jones and let the number speak for themselves!

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