Trump OBLITERATES Part of Michelle Obama Legacy

When Sheriff Joe’s diaper-wearing, bologna-sandwich-eating inmates at “tent city” eat better than your kids, America has a problem.

Michelle Obama was known for making kids hate food. Her nutrition program was ObamaCare in the form of “nutrition,” and it was universally despised by students all over America.

michelle-obama-food-1As Hot Air reported back in April of 2014,

Did she want large numbers of students boycotting school lunch? Although it’s a decent lesson in activism, that probably wasn’t the goal. Did she want districts taking money from teaching budgets to pay higher prices for lunches that were being thrown away?

Simply put, Michelle Obama was a food Nazi. You VILL EAT ze SLIME!

Well slave days are over. Kids will no longer be forced to eat what the plantation owner, the Fed demands.

Fed Plantation was Sold to Donald Trump and He Made It a Resort

According to Fox News, Republicans in Congress are planning to scrap Michelle Obama’s controversial school lunch program.

The document calls for the Trump administration to reverse nearly 200 rules and regulations, including the requirements of the 2010 law.

In what Republicans want as part of the Trump administration’s first 100 days, kids may get to eat again.

A document posted on the website of Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C. explains all that they administration wishes to achieve in the rollback.

“The regulations have proven to be burdensome and unworkable for schools to implement,” a report from the House Freedom Caucus read. “Schools are throwing food away that students are not eating.”
michelle-obama-food-2I can speak personally of the one of the biggest areas of waste in the school lunch program. It involved a 2012 addendum to the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That addendum required schools to include a fruit or a vegetable in each student’s lunch.
My son and I recently discussed that schools can’t give away this nuclear fruit. The subject came up when he mentioned all the fruit left at the school at the end of the day. The principal attempts to give it to kids as they exit the building, however there are no takers.

I asked, “Why?”, and my son said the fruit is horrible. It’s very sour, and is essentially inedible. He says none of the kids eat this fruit.

You can bet this fruit is “throwaway” product from some Obama campaign donor, who makes millions of dollars for nothing.

A 2015 report, quoted by Fox News, appears to verify what my son reported. Based on that report,

“…children consumed fewer (fruits and vegetables) and wasted more during the school year immediately following implementation of the USDA rule.”

trump-with-michelle-obamaAs her husband did for the country, Michelle Obama did for school lunches. In a word: disastrous. What we have witnessed is what happens when Leftist presidents believe America elected their useless wives. These men give their wives busy work in order to appease some feminist group, America suffers. In this case America’s children suffered.
Nobody wants hungry children. But the government can’t deliver mail consistently, or do much else efficiently for that matter. Why it would involve itself in nutrition is beyond comprehension.

Anybody believe the bureaucrats’ children ate the pig slop Michelle Obama served to most of the nation’s children?

The same concept holds true with the stellar education Barack Obama promise, aka “community college.”
In short, our children can eat slop and go to community college, under the wrapper of some “feel good” program. However the Leftist elite’s children eat fois gras at their in-school 5-star restaurants at Ivy League Prep.
It’s ironic that Donald Trump, one of the wealthiest men in the world understands this problem more than the wife of a community organizer.
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