Left Outraged Trump Sticks to Supreme Court Plan

Would anybody expect the Left to like a Trump pick for the Supreme Court? Even if Trump picked Obama, the Left would suddenly question their unabashed and shameful love of Barack. Obama would be TAINTED! Unfortunately, America would be “buggered,” so thankfully that will never happen.

Trump is chopping away at his timeline to choose a Supreme Court Justice within 20 days of inauguration. Saturday he met with Judge William Pryor of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. This should keep some panties in a wad for Hillary’s minions.

For decades, the Right has been working to maintain a conservative Supreme Court. However, Obama’s appointments shifted the court in a more liberal direction. Between Sotomayer and Kagan, liberal disdain is the new court sentiment. Sonia Sotomayor displays racism against the white man. She’s stuck on identity politics. Moreover, she walks around with a chip on her shoulder and this sense of grievance against the majority. This woman can’t get over believing that everyone of color is a victim and every white person is the perpetrator. Elena Kagan is an Ivy League elitist who can’t connect to the common man. She’s so stuck on her Harvard lectures that she has no idea how the real world operates.

It’s a good thing the Republicans took control of the Senate before Obama was able to appoint another justice. And Hillary almost blew it for us. Had she won, her appointment would have destroyed our 2nd Amendment right the bear arms and further weakened our fifth amendment property rights. These Leftist judges are slowly unraveling the constitution they pledged to uphold. Luckily Obama was unsuccessful in appointing Merrick Garland and now Trump can step in and turn the court around.

With one vacant seat open now, Trump could make up to three court appointments.

His meeting with Judge Pryor proves he’s sticking to the plan.

Pryor served as deputy Attorney General of Alabama for two years under Jeff Sessions. After Sessions was elected to the Senate in 1997, Pryor became Alabama Attorney General. Conservatives know Sessions is a Liberal’s worst nightmare. Imagine what his protege will do on the Supreme Court.

Pryor has a record for upholding voter ID laws, an issue hot on Trump’s list.

Leftists like to pretend voter ID laws are racist. Playing the color card let’s them use dead people to cast ballots. That’s how you push leftist agendas. However, it’s like Trump says- if you need ID to go to the bank or get on a plane, you can use ID to vote. In fact, Pryor would be a good choice for the Supreme Court when Trump and MLK III begin implementing their new plan to encourage voter participation.

Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump rallies with supporters in Tallahassee, Florida, U.S. October 25, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst - RTX2QFY6

It’s like Brent Smith, The Common Constitutionalist says “if the left hates him, he’s good enough for me”.

Admittedly, I know very little of Judge Pryor, but sometimes you don’t have to. Sometimes it’s just as easy to look to those who fear and despise him. If the left loves, or at least has little problem with a selection, this should scare us. And if they loathe the pick, I would be safe in saying that he or she is probably a fine choice. And the further left they are, the safer the pick.

It just so happens that almost a year ago, the Marxists at ThinkProgress presciently wrote about how scary Pryor is and that he would likely be Trump’s pick. They called Pryor “ultra-conservative” and quoted Trump as saying that Pryor and Judge Diane Sykes (also on the list) “best represent the conservative values we need to protect.”

For proof that Pryor is an off-the-rails conservative nut, ThinkProgress points to “statements Pryor made as Alabama Attorney General labeling Roe v. Wade and the Supreme Court’s landmark criminal justice decision in Miranda v. Arizona  as ‘the worst examples of judicial activism.’ Pryor also described Roe as creating ‘a constitutional right to murder an unborn child.’” He has also upheld voter I.D. laws.

They added that, “For the most part, however, Pryor has behaved as a fairly orthodox conservative since his elevation to the court.” That’s good enough for me. If they hate him – I like him. Easy as that.

The meeting with Pryor doesn’t guarantee that he’s the final choice. Nevertheless, Trump will pick candidates for the SCOTUS, and the Left will bitch. They lost, thus they can complain all they want…
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