UNBELIEVABLE: Leftist Teacher Teaches Kids To Shoot President Trump!

The loving tolerant Liberals strike again! This time the assassination of Trump is the lesson at hand.

First the Left wants to bash Barron Trump, calling him the “worlds first homeschool shooter”. Then there is the secret service broad who swears she wouldn’t take a bullet for Trump after Madonna threatens to burn the White House down. But this one takes the cake. This Dallas School teacher spent her class-time shooting Trump. These evils bastards perpetuate division and hate.

Keep in mind that students are expelled for pop guns, toys guns, plastic knives or any such item that represents violence. If the student were to perform that action, they’d be suspended for a terroristic threat.

That’s because Texas schools have a no tolerance policy towards bullying and violence. Remember 9 year old Aiden Steward?  He was kicked out of his elementary school in Kermit, Texas for having a ring from ‘Lord of the Rings’.


As Merril Hope reports:

Two years before Aiden’s run-in with campus zero tolerance policies, seven year-old Alex Evans, a Colorado second grader suspended for throwing an imaginary hand grenade while pretending to “rescue the world” from “pretend evil forces,” and, as the New American reported, “Little Alex, it turns out, violated his school’s ‘absolutes’ against fighting and weapons, ‘real or imaginary.’” There was also seven-year-old Christopher Marshall from Virginia, who was suspended for using a pencil to “pretend shoot” a bad guy — his friend, who, in turn, was also suspended for “pretend shooting” Christopher back.

School is the place kids should learn what is acceptable and what is not. Unfortunately it’s crawling with Leftists who are not enlightening children. A teacher should never impose her own extremist beliefs. However, many students found sharing election results was frowned upon. Students were discouraged from watching the inauguration. And now they are bearing witness to violence against the President of The United States. And don’t say she was pretending when that excuse did not hold up for a seven-year-old.

Somebody call Aiden and let him know his ring wasn’t all that bad. At least he didn’t try to assassinate a President. Meanwhile I think I’ll call a principal and demand a suspension…

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