Washington DC Has to Grow the F Up

DC is about to change forever.

inauguration protests 2As I meandered through DC, I saw some of the Leftists who protested against Trump the night before inauguration. I even met a couple of people who were attending the “Hag March” the day after. These were mostly young “whatevers”, since it’s difficult to know the gender of Leftists these days. Most don’t even know what they are protesting, except what was on their “cheat sheets.”

I did speak with one woman, mid-50s, who visited from Switzerland to attend the march. I thought to myself, “I would never go to Switzerland to protest their elections.” But here she was. More on the international aspects of this in a bit…

Anyway, from cabbie to restaurant to wherever I roamed, I made it clear that I was for Trump. I told anybody and everybody the DC was going to finally have to grow the “f” up.

I can hardly wait for the Trump administration to kick in.

For decades no matter who was in power, DC remained predominantly Democrat. That’s why politics never changes. The prevailing though “inside the beltway” is Liberal, no matter who the president was.

Bush served two terms, yet DC remained solidly Leftists, thus Democrat. Obama only reinforced Leftism, which made DC denizens believe they are right.

“Inside the beltway” depicts political America. Inside the beltway means, there exist no Conservative ideas; just Leftist ideas. Inside the beltway Republicans only become Leftist-light. They fight just as hard to maintain the establishment, as the Left. That’s why DC brings nothing but incest, in the sphere of ideas. Nothing new.

blue-collar-worker-1Obama said it best, when he said Trump would need a “magic wand” to save Carrier.

For Trump, saving Carrier wasn’t Business 101, it was Business 001. And Obama had no idea how to do it. For Obama, there was far too much political calculus.

To save Carrier would be good for America. And Obama having never put America first, had no idea how to do that. For Obama, there existed the potential to piss off Mexico.

Further, despite the potential to save “union” jobs, had Obama even considered how he might save Carrier jobs, there is no way he could have penalized the union in doing so.

Finally, Obama would have to contend with Leftists who hate capitalism.

That’s just too much to do before tee time.

Trump had no such calculus. Save the jobs…period. And you can bet that’s his approach to everything in DC. Which is why the Left so fear a Trump presidency.
America will change, because President Trump has brought REAL change to DC. The culture of this city will change, whether they like it or not.

DC stopped growing, and it’s about to get smaller

According to Slate,

dc-peopleWashington, D.C.’s metro area, radiating from the city proper out into the suburbs of Northern Virginia and Maryland, was one of the country’s economic bright spots after the recession, thanks in large part to copious amounts of early Obama-era government spending and all the contractors who built businesses thanks to War on Terror funding. But then came Republican control of the House, budget battles, and sequestration. Pretty soon, writers like Annie Lowrey were wondering whether the new era of fiscal tightfistedness meant the (publicly funded) gold-rush days of D.C. were behind it. Others had faith that the region had diversified away from government and that a little austerity wouldn’t hold back its growth.

Obama’s big government mentality grew DC to wild proportions. These people became distorted in how the world really works, as it has with those who govern America.

But as the article continues, DC had already begun to slow down:

But no, it looks like those predicting the party was over were right. According to new Bureau of Economic Analysis figures, the D.C. metro area’s economy expanded a paltry 0.3 percent last year. The silver lining? That was a slight improvement from 2013, when it didn’t grow at all, or 2012, when it inched up just 0.2 percent.

As DC shrinks, the rest of America will grow. President Trump knows this, and so does DC. Look at how DC compares to the rest of the country. As Business Insider reported, DC has the third best economy in the United States.

DC’s November 2015 average weekly wage of $1,342, GDP per capita of $159,386, and increase in house prices of 15.4% were all the highest in the country.

DC economy is built on growing government…Period

While we expect government to play a significant role in the DC economy, it should be built in large part on tourism.

In 2016 over 21 million people visited the district, the largest number ever. The year before, tourism brought $7.1 billion to the DC economy. That’s a ratio of $11,000 of income per tourist to DC denizen, when you consider the population of DC. The nation’s bosom should be inviting to ALL Americans.

However, it should also be a beacon to the world, as America showcases how capitalism is the real government in a democratic republic.

I paraphrase the speech of President-Trump, when he said at inauguration, “This is about about a transfer of power from DC back to the people.”


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