James O’Keefe just made good on his promise to expose the Leftist media for the fraud they perpetuate! CNN is the epitome of Fake News!

As we previously reported, O’Keefe stood at the National Press Club and threw down the gauntlet. Now, in hundreds of hours of secretly recorded tapes, CNN is finally under fire for twisting the truth.

The Juicy Tidbits:

Although not all of the more than 200 hours of tapes have been gone through, O’Keefe highlighted some very interesting tidbits for us. First of which is a statement by Richard Griffiths, Vice President and Senior Editorial Director of CNN. In a meeting with interns Griffiths is heard asking “If we are journalists, what is our roles as journalists? What is the fundamental role, for us to do?” The interns all chime in “tell a story” like they’ve got this answer down. But Griffiths takes is a step further when he says “there’s a secondary corollary to that, right? Aid the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable!”


Griffiths obviously wants to afflict Trump, however, his tactics have now been exposed!

Joe Sterling is another CNN big-wig who’s caught on tape. He’s blatantly caught ignoring new poll data in order to skew stories.

As O’Keefe reports:

More Audio Yet to be Released in a WikiLeaks Style Dump

Project Veritas released 119 hours of raw audio in a WikiLeaks style dump, with over 100 more hours still yet to be released. The audio was secretly recorded in 2009 by an anonymous source inside CNN’s Atlanta headquarters who we are identifying as Miss X. The tapes contain soundbites from current and previous CNN employees Joe Sterling, Arthur Brice, and Nicky Robertson, as well as numerous others. The tapes show CNN’s misrepresentation of polling data:

Miss X: “I read a CNN poll that was taken on June 26 and 28th, and I know that the hearing for the case, the fire fighters case was on the 29th, so the poll was done right before it, and those are still the poll results we’re reporting, so I asked someone in DC who does the poll results about why we hadn’t updated it, and said there were a few newer polls from last week and the week before and there’s CBS news polls and a Rasmussen poll, and he said we don’t use Rasmussen, and I said does CNN plan to do another poll if we’re only using that. He said we’re not going to be doing another poll, those are the results we’ll be using. So I don’t see how that’s reporting all sides because that poll said hold for release until Friday the 10th.”steinhauser-cnn project veritas

Arthur Brice: “Who did you talk with?”

Miss X: “Paul [CNN’s Deputy Political Director Paul Steinhauser].”

Arthur Brice: “Yeah, he’s your director. Yeah, he’s pretty high up in the food chain. I agree. I think it’s dishonest to use outdated information if new information shows something that is in variance with what you’re reporting. It’s just, it’s dishonest.”

Well, look at that! Trump is exactly right. CNN is not Fake news, it’s the  VERY FAKE NEWS.


Project Veritas is also offering a reward for content that exposes media malfeasance. There are more than 200 hours of tape that need to be listened to and transcribed. O’Keefe has released the raw versions on his Project Veritas website. Furthermore, he’s ready to give $10,000 to anyone who has legally obtained more proof that the Leftist media is full of crap. So here’s your chance America, get in the game!

Go to Project Veritas and listen for yourself. Maybe you can help throw Leftism under the bus!

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