Another BAD Obama Legacy, the ObamaPhone May Soon to be GONE

Barack Obama put an already existing program on steroids, when he upped the ante with what is known now as “ObamaPhone.”

The ObamaPhone is the iPhone equivalent for the poor. The difference is the ObamaPhone is limited in every way, except fraud.

Thus according to Breitbart, the program is getting limits.

A Republican FCC hopes to revamp the infamous “Obamaphone” program to provide low-income Americans phone and internet service.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai already put the program, known as Lifeline, under review. He revoked nine providers from participating the program, saying that they need further review.

Chairman Ajit Pai and Republicans in Congress argue that the program needs reform, including setting a limited budget of $1.5 billion to cut waste and abuse within the program. Pai said, “A budget induces careful spending.”

Previous bills in Congress have capped the budget at $1.5 billion.

Pai and fellow Republican FCC Commissioner Michael O’Reilly support the idea. House Energy and Commerce telecommunications subcommittee Chairwoman Marsha Blackburn wrote in an op-ed with O’Reilly, “The program must be better targeted to eligible low-income individuals who would not otherwise sign up for service.”

Not only does the FCC want to provide better service to every American, but Pai also wants to curtail waste, fraud, abuse in the Obamaphone program.

carlos-slimThe program is run by Safelink. Guess who owns Safelink?

Safelink Wireless is owned by Mexican Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man.

Yes, it is true.

SafeLink Wireless is run by a subsidiary of América Móvil, the world’s fourth largest wireless company in terms of subscribers. Another subsidiary of América Móvil is TracFone. The free phones from Safelink are actually given out by Tracfone and the airtime minutes are handled by Safelink.

Slim and Trump met last year, when Trump was President-elect. The subsequent meeting gives insight as to how Mexico will pay for this wall.

As the Free Beacon reported,

Slim was critical of Trump’s plan to pay for his border wall with an import tax, stating that any tariffs would end up being paid by American consumers. He said that Trump had a desire to “return to the past” where the United States was an industrial power, describing such a move as a bad idea.

Slim said that he thinks Mexico is in a strong position for negotiations and offered to join President Nieto in discussions with Trump. He also said that he was supportive of the way that Nieto has handled negotiations thus far.

“We should not be scared of Trump or think things will necessarily go badly,” Slim said. “Trump is not the Terminator, he is the negotiator.”

But Pai very well may be the terminator; at least for some of the waste in this larceny of the American taxpayer.

ajit-paiChairman Pai’s scrutiny over the Lifeline program has sparked controversy, with many publications arguing that he curtailed low-income Americans’ access to affordable phone service. However, Pai contends that his reforms only affected 1% of Lifeline providers. Chairman Pai says he hopes to help all Americans get affordable access to phone and internet service.

Ajit Pai has been a vocal critic of the Lifeline program, even accusing other FCC Commissioners of trying to keep a $51 million fraud investigation quiet.

Americans are finally getting the much promised and ballyhooed “transparency,” with real reform.

Pai’s Obamaphone reform also coincides with his drive to improve transparency at the FCC. He plans to have the FCC’s agenda for public comment before agency votes on new regulations.

Other government agencies have been put on notice. The gravy train has been replaced with the Trump Train.



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