BAD MOVE: Protester Spits In Police Officer’s Face (VIDEO)

BAD MOVE: Protester Spits In Police Officer’s Face (VIDEO)

Who spits in the face of a cop? I can’t speak for police, but I might not show restraint for this act of terrorism.

It’s time to take off the kid gloves and make these toddlers grow up.

A few dozen anti-Trump protesters showed up in Cleveland to express themselves.  These self-important brats apparently believe assaulting law enforcement officials is covered by the First Amendment.

Civil Disobedience on Steroids

Voicing dissent is no longer sufficient for leftists. Now they mistreat the very officials present to ensure their right to agitate. 

People who mocked Donald Trump when he said he might contest the election, now actively protest.

These people have graduated from civil disobedience, to out and out assault.

A video shot by Fox News 8 depicts a small cadre of inaugural protesters clashing with police in downtown Cleveland.  Whenever the Left tries to claim protesters are “peaceful,” they need only view this video to stop spewing that false narrative.

anti-trump-protester-spitsActivists walked down E Street while police on bikes guarded their path. At one point, the protest erupted into chaos, and a woman and man are seen interfering with a bike patrol officer. When the officer tried to grab hold of this young male protester, the moron repeatedly elbowed and shoved the official. Finally, this idiot spit in the policeman’s face.

What kind of mindset justifies such behavior? Leftism.

Facing the Consequences

The man was arrested for assault of a police officer and aggravated disorderly conduct.  While police attempted to handcuff the man and walk him away, the protester’s female companion wanted in on the action.  Police were forced to push her out of the way and she ended up on the ground.

Moments later, another “peaceful” female protester provoked a physical altercation with police as well. That 21-year-old was arrested on charges of aggravated disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The 19-year-old man from Cleveland’s west side faces similar charges along with felony assault on a police officer for spitting.

What a bunch of disgusting miscreants. Cleveland police blocked streets and cleared a path specifically for these protesters to make their point. Officers were there to protect and serve these ungrateful a$$es. Why would you jeopardize that security?


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