Banning Muslims: Leftist IGNORE Actions of Other Countries

Since President Trump issued his Executive Order involving a travel restriction on Muslims coming from radical countries, Leftists have tried to seize on the issue.

For the record, President Trump didn’t issue a Muslim ban, he issued a “travel order.”

We decided to look into the “real news” on countries who have also issued similar edicts.

For example, in the Summer 2016 China prepared to host the G20 Summit for the first time. They cleaned up streets and rebuilt infrastructure. They spiffed up the place, to make it more presentable for the visitors.

Next, the Chinese government urged citizens to get rid of bugs and help decrease traffic.

In Guangzhou, businesses were closed and citizens were sent on vacation. The next move may surprise you, as the Chinese police ordered hotels to turn away Muslim guests. Why? They feared violence and brutality.

January of this year, the Moroccan Government issued a Burqa Ban. The government sent letters to local businesses telling them to cease and desist making or selling burqas. Why? Morocco was concerned about Muslim attackers wearing burkas. Some say that Morocco actually wants to stamp out expressions of Islamic religion.

The same is true in countries around the world.

Hungary, Myanmar, and Samoa have made strong statements against Islam. Swiss lawmakers have approved their own burqa ban. France and Belgium already have burqa bans in place. Meanwhile Leftists continue to call these bans a slam against cultural acceptance.

Leftists wish to create some feel-good narrative, while ignoring the fact: ISLAM IS DANGEROUS.

Listen to Reason

Ayaan Hirsi Ali from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University points out that there is no limit on the criticisms allowed of the Western world or Christianity. So why the hypocrisy?

Why is it wrong to challenge Islam?

According to Ali, ignoring the dangers of Islam will keep reformation from ever happening. Doesn’t the wise and loving Left want to see progress and change? If so, the only ones who can change Islamic culture are those living within it. They must stamp out the violence.

In the video, Ali explains why the West shouldn’t allow Muslims a free pass across the Western world:

Leftists are a staunch group of hypocrites, we already knew that. But have they even looked on the other side of the coin?

As Raymond Ibrahim reports:

All of these nations get criticized by liberal media and talking heads that have no criticism for worse behavior from Muslim nations. Non-Muslims are barred from becoming citizens in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other Muslim nations.  In the Saudi kingdom, not a single non-Muslim house of worship—not a church, synagogue, or temple—is permitted to exist.  Non-Muslims may work in these countries, but as undesirable “infidels,” they are denied citizenship.

Yet, to liberal media and talking heads, that’s okay: it’s Muslims’ right to allow and bar whoever they want.  But when nations like Hungary, Myanmar, and Samoa try to ban Islam—not out of religious bigotry or because Muslims are “undesirable infidels,” but because of its well documented violent and subversive tendencies—then woe, all is woe.

Of course the Left won’t find the outrage in the fact that Muslims would never accept their presence. Nah, they’ll just go on marching for inexplicable causes that fail to add value to our society. In other words, they’d rather play Russian Roulette.

As Ibrahim puts it: “The thousands of Americans killed by jihadi terror over the years—most recently, about 50 in Orlando—are just the price the elite are willing to pay to keep the lie of multiculturalism afloat.”

The question is: How many lives are we willing to sacrifice before we close the door? According to Trump, enough already!


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