Bernie Sanders Calls CNN Fake News

Leftists will soon issue a press release that proclaims Bernie Sanders has gone senile. Based on Sanders’ recent declaration, the old dude has forgotten which side he’s on.

Sanders was joking when he called CNN “Fake News”. But apparently CNN can’t take a joke. Because as soon as Sanders uttered “Fake News” his feed was cut.

I’m reminded of those “Can you hear me now?” commercials. How many times have we all faked a bad connection to end an awkward conversation?

CNN is becoming rather sensitive to the whole “FAKE NEWS” label. In fact, even though the term “Fake News” originated on the Left, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo recently equated it with the N-word.

I’m not kidding folks, this guy actually says calling out his journalism is like calling him a name racist Democrats and black Leftists call black people.

Apparently ‘Fake News’ doesn’t align with ‘The most trusted name in news’…And the conflicting image is creating a hostile work environment. So hostile in fact, the moment Sanders poked the bear, he was unplugged!

CNN calls the disaster “technical difficulties.” This is the same network that broadcasts from war zones, hurricanes, and natural disasters; but one Bernie Sanders joke permanently over-heated the upload link? I call bulls&*t.

Trump doesn’t seem to buy that explanation either.

According to Trump, it’s a real shame that Sanders wasn’t allowed to continue with his “Fake News” remarks. Sanders had already opened mouth-inserted foot… had he continued, me might have choked on his own words.

Good to know Sanders has a back-up plan. When he’s voted out of Congress he can start his second career in comedy. His first joke already took down CNN.

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