Black Comedian RIDICULES White Women Who Support Black Lives Matter [VIDEO]

Black Comedian RIDICULES White Women Who Support Black Lives Matter

You know my position on Black Lives Matter. But just in case, allow me to tell you the cause is a fraud.

I know it, you know it, and the rest of America knows that Black Lives Matter is a bogus as Dolly Pardon’s breasts. But Black Lives Matter helps Leftists BANK!

These suckers make crazy money on the equally crazy notion that America is bad for blacks. Africa is bad for blacks, not America.

I’m not the only black on record about Black Lives Matter, as comedian Leslie Jones chimed in on the farce:

As Page Six reports,

Leslie Jones Black Lives MatterNothing is off-limits for Leslie Jones’ stand-up routine.

“If I see another 45-year-old white woman from Williamsburg saying ‘black lives matter,’ I’m going to punch you in the mouth,” the “Saturday Night Live” star said during her recent four-night stint at New York comedy club, Carolines on Broadway. “Stop doing that.”

In what the New York Times dubbed “a raucous, high-volume” set, the 49-year-old’s politically focused act tackled the Black Lives Matter movement and other protests that have followed Donald Trump‘s presidency.

“Not one black woman out there,” she said of the marches. “Black woman at home watching ‘Housewives of Atlanta.’”

Leslie Jones Black Lives Matter: I discussed this very thing on my radio show.

I mentioned how few black women were present, because they were too busy watching their kids and trying to keep their jobs.

There was one black woman there, and her record is pretty shaky!

But what’s most intriguing are the lies told by the big name Leftists who so want to set the narrative.

What should worry Leftists, and particularly Black Lives Matter is when Hollyweird begins attacking the movement. The Left worked hard to make BLM relevant, but it didn’t work.

The Left now mentions that it needs its own “Tea Party,” although they claim to hate the Tea Party.

The fact is, the Left doesn’t know what it wants. They got blasted in November of last year, and are still running around like sprayed roaches.

Until they recognize what happened, and embrace it, there will be more defections.





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