Black Trump Supporter BLASTS Democrats on Sanctuary Cities [VIDEO]

Contrary to what the fake news media tells you, black people get it more than racist Leftists believe. And their day of reckoning is coming.

As you will see, this black woman calls the Leftist policy of allowing illegals in what it is: racist, illegal immigration.

The Transcript:

Again I way sanctuary cities are racist.

All the jobs are going to illegals, and to certain denominations. That is wrong.

You’re not going to be allowed to get away with it. Your time is going to be up. You want us to feel for your family, but you don’t feel for our families.

Again, the black community has literally been destroyed by racist, illegal immigration. And we’re not gonna have it.

When my people do a crime, we get three strikes.

Your people do a crime, they get amnesty. They get benefits; and they’re not paying taxes!

OK. Publication 17 IRS. They’re allowing you people to claim people in Mexico.

I couldn’t even claim people in New Orleans, when there was a flood.

I couldn’t claim my people. I ended up moving down there.

But it’s over. It’s over.

Thank God for Trump. Thank God for Sessions.

And you should, you should be ashamed of yourselves. How dare you! Look up IRS Publication 17, pages 25 and 26.

How in the HELL are you allowed to claim people in Mexico and get away with not paying taxes?

I am outraged.

Note the people in the background applauding her speech.

And you can bet she is not alone. However, if you think CNN or any other fake news media outlet will let Americans know this woman exists, you’d be better off believing in unicorns.

This woman represents the undercurrent of black thought in society. Further, these are the people the Left try to hide. But as you can see more and more of the blacks who get it have begun to surface.

Mark my words, but soon you will see black people proudly wear Trump gear, and without repercussion. And if you think the Left has lost it now, wait until that exodus occurs.

2018 will be another Conservative awakening.






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