Black Trump Supporter gets BRUTAL with Democrats About Muslims in His City (video)

I want every white Leftist in America to check out this brother. And then I want the SELLOUT black Leftist who dare choose Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump to watch this brother.

I love it when street-level blacks who get it, speak out. There are many of us. 

I’m from “the streets.” Black people know what that means. People on the hustle, trying to get that cheddar. For the most part we’ve been able to do out “thang,” and get paid. Then came the Democrats.

This street-level brother is mad. I will tell you that he gets REAL, and emotional, as he goes after Democrats.


I love the nuances of this impassioned rant.

You feel his intensity, as he explains the game. The more he speaks, the more frustrated he gets. Finally he feels anger.

He’s mad at the silly Negroes who want to be mad at him for “keepin’ it real.” He knows all the names, e.g. Uncle Tom, and the like. However he knows it is they kowtow to the white elitists.

He’s upset about things that happen to him and other brothers at “street-level” that are ignored. Black on black crime, “stop and frisk” and so on. Meanwhile, as he explains, Muslims become a “protected” class.

He’s calling out the black sellouts for not recognizing that while they play the #BLM game, it is black people getting played.

Muslims are using blacks, and “running game” on whites the same way black Leftists have been running game, and getting nowhere.

He sees the futility of the situation, as blacks want to beat up people who want to change this system.

As you watch the video, you can hear a baby in the background. You see a woman walk past a couple of times, and it might have been two different women. One may have been an older daughter.

He doesn’t stop in his rant. You can tell by the other occupants that they are used to hearing his complaints. No, “Honey, please keep it down, the baby is trying to sleep.”

This man represents much of black America. As more and more men in the black community begin to see what this man sees, woe be things for Democrats.

Democrats, you’ve been warned. Your time cometh. Trump will deliver this group to the Promised Land.

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