BREAKING: Trump Travel Order APPEAL SHOT DOWN by Appellate Court

The executive order showdown begins anew. White some of America may be caught up in the Super Bowl battle, there is a bigger and much more important fight underway.

trump-signing-legislationSane America is represented by President Donald “Justice” Trump, while Leftists have contracted with the U.S. Circuit Court system.

After U.S. District Judge James L. Robart succeeded in blocking Donald Trump’s 90-day travel ban recently, issuing a temporary restraining order, the Trump Justice Department immediately filed an appeal.

The appeal was denied, but that was to be expected.

What President Trump is doing is kicking the tires on the system. Soon he will look under the hood, and that won’t be good for Leftists.

As Fox News reported,

Early Sunday morning a federal appeals court denied the Justice Department’s request for an immediate reinstatement of President Donald Trump’s ban on accepting certain travelers and refugees.

The DOJ filed an appeal of a judge’s order temporarily stopping Trump’s travel ban on Saturday night, saying it’s the “sovereign prerogative” of a president to admit or exclude aliens.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco instead asked for the Justice Department to file a counter-response by Monday afternoon.

The higher court’s denial of an immediate stay means the legal battles will continue for days at least.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is by far the most left-leaning of all the judiciaries. That group will soon find themselves under fire, as will all Leftists in judiciaries around the country. But I will write about this later.

The fact is that President Trump’s executive order was to protect citizens of America, his first duty. When it was denied, that violated his duty as president.

The ramifications are explained in more of the Fox article,

sue-trumpThe appeal stated that the district court’s ruling “conflicts with the basic principle that an alien seeking initial admission to the United States requests a privilege and has no constitutional rights regarding his application.”

The appeal also said the temporary order blocking Trump’s ban was an overreach of judicial authority.

Regarding the order issued by Judge Robart in Seattle, the appeal said, “Judicial second-guessing of the President’s national security determination in itself imposes substantial harm on the federal government and the nation at large.”

“The power to expel or exclude aliens is a fundamental sovereign attribute, delegated by Congress to the executive branch of government and largely immune from judicial control,” the brief says.

There is simply no other way to perceive President Trump’s order. The president commented to reporters,

We’ll win…For the safety of the country, we’ll win.”

As I alluded, the bigger wins will come when President Trump reshapes the judiciary. Gorsuch is only the beginning and he highlights the pinnacle–the Supreme Court of the United States.

Obama poisoned America’s system of jurisprudence, something the voters were unable to touch. But President Trump will again undo the Obama legacy, and this may be his most important role as president.




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