BREAKING: Black Congress Members WON’T ALLOW Latino to Join

Black Leftists are the most vile racists of the Democrats, and everybody in America knows it.

Because of political correctness, most Americans have been trained to overlook racism by blacks, as it’s considered part of reparations. Thus black Leftists spew hate at every turn, and in fact teach hate to their children.

Black Leftist manufacture hate the same way a steel manufacturer creates building beams.

Hate is a business, and it’s the most profitable business in America. That’s why blacks hold on to it with an iron fist. They will fight for Latinos, for example, however Latinos can’t get in fully on the hate industry.

As Politico reports:

Senator Adriano Espaillat gives a thumbs-up after casting his ballot during the Democratic primary election in New YorkBlack Caucus chafes at Latino who wants to join

Rep. Adriano Espaillat wants to join the Congressional Black Caucus. The question for the group’s members is whether he qualifies as African-American.

So far, the answer is no.

Espaillat, who in November became the first Dominican-American elected to Congress, identifies himself as a “Latino of African descent.” The CBC has a long-standing policy of limiting its caucus to African-American members, denying membership to white lawmakers in the past who have tried to join, even if they represent majority-minority districts.

The New York Democrat hasn’t formally asked to join but has been in discussions with CBC leadership. Espaillat has already joined the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

“We have discussed, yes, the pros and cons, the bylaws,” Espaillat said of the CBC. “I’m in discussions with some of the members from my state and with the leadership. We’ll make that decision later on as we move forward.”

The message from the Congressional Black Caucus to Espaillat, “You ain’t BLACK, Brown man!”

Even the racist terror group called the NAACP allows people of “color.” The indulgence is simply to pretend to care about issues other than “black issues,” but the token gesture is duly noted.

But the Congressional Black Circus is another thing altogether. These are people who wield serious power over other blacks, while at the service of white overseers. To be a member of that gang of 41 is coveted, a practical license to steal.

What About Dolezal?

We live in a time when people can declare whatever they want to be, and Dolezal is a stark reminder. I wrote at the time of the Dolezal controversy of comments by Al Sharpton:

So says Sharpton. In his comments about Dolezal’s deception, Sharpton had this to say:

“But it’s not about whether or not she’s white or black, it’s about are you going to be honest and I think that’s the only question but her race is really irrelevant.”

Indeed, race is irrelevant when it suits the Left. But when it doesn’t suit the Left, race is very relevant.

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