BREAKING: What Defense Secy Mattis Just Told NATO Deals HUGE Blow to the UN

Defense Secretary James Mattis made the Trump administration stance on NATO pretty clear: contribute or else.

“Increase defense spending by year’s end or US will ‘moderate its commitment’.”

While speaking to NATO in Brussels, Secretary Mattis repeated what then candidate Trump said during his campaign. Trump warned NATO that they member countries must do their part. Further, Trump hinted that total reliance on America to police the world has come to an end.

Fox Business discussed the comments by Mattis, and one of the most intriguing points made had to do with children.

General Mattis bombs ISIS Mattis NatoMattis said, [pp] “Americans cannot care more for your children’s security, than you do.”

How true is that. That one concept goes to show just how dependent on America most of Europe has become.

As the panelist of Varney and Company suggested, Europe has spent so much on welfare and entitlements, they no longer have funding for defense.

Stuart Varney commented, “Europe is incapable of defending itself.”

I wrote of NATO and why Turkey, the only Muslim country who is a member, asked to join.

Turkey recognized what America is, what the American Spirit means. That is why Turkey asked to join NATO.

Although some Turkish leaders wanted to pursue a more neutral foreign policy following NATO’s snub, Turkish policymakers continued to pursue NATO membership, believing the alliance offered Turkey the optimal western anchor. Turkey’s key contribution to the Korean conflict then made it impossible for the allies to turn down Ankara’s renewed membership campaign. In September 1951, Turkey, along with Greece, had received a formal invitation to join the alliance.

Turkey’s support didn’t end there. During the Cold War, Turkey helped constrain the Soviet Navy in the Mediterranean.. Turkey also provided one of the largest armies in Europe and hosted key NATO military facilities, facilities America used freely until the time of Obama.

Joining America meant joining the good guys. Being a member of NATO invoked all for one and one for all.

However now America charts its own path, and generally with little support from our so-called Allies; most of whom have succumbed to Leftism.

Enough is indeed enough.



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