BREAKING: Joseph Clancy Resigns As Secret Service Director

The Secret Service has fallen under quite a bit of scrutiny recently.

At least two Secret Service agents were fired recently. We aren’t sure why the agents were let go, and haven’t received updates. But when you consider that their leader was an Obama appointee, you might understand the firing.

In this CNN interview, Joseph Clancy, Director of the Secret Service denied reports of friction within the service:

Nevertheless, before that story broke, we learned of a controversial Secret Service agent. I wrote at the time:

Who is Kerry O’Grady?

Simply put, O’Grady is the special agent in charge of the Secret Service’s Denver district. She would oversee coordination with Washington-based advance teams for all presidential candidate and presidential trips to the area, and thus has the type of access that could lead to potential assassination of President Trump, or key members of his staff.

I’m sure all Secret Service personnel have their political leanings. Their feelings towards a Commander-in-Chief and his staff should have zero bearing on them doing their jobs.

Yet, O’Grady made no qualms about her feelings toward Trump, and she did so to current and former Secret Service agents.

Now we learn that the United States Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy has reportedly resigned.

According to The Daily Caller:

joseph-clancy“The success of the Secret Service is achieved with great sacrifice by all of you and your families,” Clancy wrote in a letter to Secret Service staff members. “Please accept my sincere and heartfelt thanks for your dedication to our mission. You have inspired me. My hope was that I could return your gifts of inspiration with some measure of good for the Secret Service.”

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz also addressed Clancy’s resignation in a Tuesday statement.

“I appreciate Director Clancy’s dedicated service to this country,” the Utah Republican wrote. “He took on the difficult task of returning to and taking over an agency plagued with mismanagement, misconduct and security lapses.”

“Under his leadership, the Secret Service has worked with this committee to implement detailed recommendations put forth in our bipartisan staff report,” he continued. “I wish him and his family the best as they begin a new chapter.”

Was his resignation related to O’Grady, and the other two (maybe more) agents who were fired?

What we do know is President Donald Trump may be in the most danger than any president in history. And that danger is poised to strike from the inside.

Smart move, President Trump.

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