BREAKING: Federal Judge BLOCKS President Trump’s Travel Order for Muslims

In case you wonder why Federal judge appointments are important, here’s your answer.

We learn from Reuters,

Muslims burn flagA federal judge in Seattle on Friday granted a nationwide temporary restraining order blocking U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent executive order barring nationals from seven countries from entering the United States.

The judge’s order represents a major challenge to the Trump administration, which is expected to immediately appeal. The judge declined to stay the order, suggesting that travel restrictions could be lifted immediately.

So America is less safe, because of Leftists.

One has to wonder how long the Leftists shopped this deal around to get some bonehead judge to endanger the lives of Americans for the sake of making President Trump look bad.

The article continues,

The challenge was brought by the state of Washington and later joined by the state of Minnesota. The Seattle judge ruled that the states have legal standing to sue, which could help Democratic attorneys general take on Trump in court on issues beyond immigration.

The decision came on a day that attorneys from four states were in courts challenging the executive order. Trump’s administration justified the action on national security grounds, but opponents labeled it an unconstitutional order targeting people based on religious beliefs.

Consider the states who asked for this, Washington and Minnesota.

Leftist enclaves. Seattle, home of the $31,000 fast-food worker. Then Minnesota, the state who’s #1 boy’s name is now Muhammed. Need I say more?

Ironically, in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, the judge had sanity. Per the article,

Earlier on Friday, a federal judge in Boston on Friday declined to extend a temporary restraining order that allowed some immigrants into the United States from certain countries despite being barred by U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent executive order.

You can bet that Trump will win in the end, because for him, this is not political. I suspect he could make his executive order a matter of national security and remove this from the courts. But why should he have to. Further, I’m sure he’s trying to avoid such a showdown, particularly so early in his presidency.

For a judge to try to score political points sickens me. Lives are at stake.

One thing is for sure; this judge better pray to whatever god he worships that there are no Muslim terror attacks during this “lame duck” period. Woe unto him if American lives are lost, because of his insolence.

Fear not, Conservatives. This is merely a temporary setback. Leftist will soon have a reason to riot once again, when President Trump wins, and America is safe again. In the mean time, you can bet that law enforcement will be watching everybody who comes from those radicalized countries.

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