BREAKING: Norma McCorvey aka “Jane Doe” dies at 69

The feminist icon Jane Doe has died. Fitting that her death occurred during era of Trump.

The Washington Post reports: 

1Norma McCorvey, who was 22, unwed, mired in addiction and poverty, and desperate for a way out of an unwanted pregnancy when she became Jane Roe, the pseudonymous plaintiff of the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade that established a constitutional right to an abortion, died Feb. 18 at an assisted-living facility in Katy, Tex. She was 69.

Her death was confirmed by Joshua Prager, a journalist working on a book about Roe v. Wade. The cause was a heart ailment.

Ms. McCorvey was a complicated protagonist in a legal case that became a touchstone in the culture wars, celebrated by champions as an affirmation of women’s freedom and denounced by opponents as the legalization of murder of the unborn.

The death of Jane Doe may in a way epitomizes the defeat of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

And like in the defeat of Hillary Clinton , feminists all over America are indeed in a deep state of mourning. The problem for them is, it will only going to get worse.

Donald Trump re-shapes not only the supreme court, but also hundreds of lower court positions. Thus, you can bet these will be pro-life judges.

The death of one Jane Doe may seem small. However, under Donald Trump the death one Jane Doe may symbolize the lives of millions of unborn children.

What’s rarely if ever mentioned is the irony of Jane Doe. Norma McCorvey became pro-life during her lifetime.

After decades of work advocating for abortion rights, she became a born-again Christian in 1995. Shortly thereafter she abandoned the abortion movement entirely and quit her job at an abortion clinic.

McCorvey was later received into the Roman Catholic Church in August of 1998, and confirmed by Fr. Frank Pavone, the director of Priests for Life.

She called her work to legalize abortion the “biggest mistake” of her life. This conclusion is reached by many pro-abortion women, as they mature beyond their selfish indulgences.


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